Feb 20, 2013 4:53PM

Mortgage Rates Inch To New 7 Month Highs

Mortgage rates avoided the larger-scale swings that they might have considering the important data on tap today. Instead, they merely began the day just barely into their worst levels in about 7 months (depends on the lender, some are improved, others unchanged) and, for the most part, stayed right there despite a good bit of volatility surrounding today's big new. While many lenders are still at 3.625% in terms of Best-Execution for 30yr Fixed, Conventional Loans, 3.75% is increasingly prevalent...

Feb 20, 2013 11:59AM

FHA Market Share Continues to Ease, Refinancing at Recent Highs

The share of refinancing relative to all mortgage originations increased sharply in January, rising from 69 percent the previous month to 73 percent while purchase applications hit an historic low. The information comes from Ellie Mae's Origination Insight Report and is compiled from the approximately 3 million loan originations utilizing its software and origination management systems. The refinancing share of closed loans in January was the highest since Ellie Mae began producing its report in...

Micro News

4:18 PM:

MBS Near Highs After Hours, Helped Along By Stock Sell-Off

2:30 PM:

Several Important Highlights From FOMC Minutes

2:17 PM:

Bouncing Back?! For Now, Yes!

2:03 PM:

First Move Is Weaker Following FOMC - Negative Reprice Risk

11:40 AM:

European Close, Positive Tradeflows, Stock Lever Help MBS

9:11 AM:

Bond Markets Testing Limits of Weakness Pre-FOMC

8:44 AM:

ECON: Producer Prices Slightly Weaker, Core As-Expected

8:40 AM:

ECON: Housing Starts Weaker, But Permits, Single Family Higher

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Bryan/Mortgage Finance Group, Inc.

"Six agencies to agree on one definition? We can use this example as Exhibit A when describing a completely unhinged, runaway, abusive govt."

Tim Weldon

"You only have to look at the National Association of Realtors to see the benefits of self-policing. NAR has installed a standard of ethics and duties for..."

Jim Guest

"This is great, but what will be done to help homeowners that Banks refused to negoiate with that were forced to short sale ?"

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"how to remodel if not enough in equity to do what you want"

"My ex husband wants to refinance. Can he do this without my signature?"

"Does the seller's mortgage payment remain the same during a short sale?"