Feb 15, 2013 10:43AM

REITs Roar; Wells Moving Out of Joint Ventures, into Europe; Two Industry Questions Worth Pondering

Anyone buying huge swaths of houses had better make sure they know what they're buying. (Meth labs? 84,000? 5%?) Here you go . Showing my age, I grew up celebrating both Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays. Nowadays they're lumped into one, and some companies don't even take that day off (a "floating" holiday). Presidents' Day is observed on the third Monday of February, and is the official observance of George Washington's birthday (Feb. 22). Our friends at the Census Bureau took a look at its...

Feb 15, 2013 1:36PM

Mortgage Rates Unchanged To Slightly Higher Heading Into 3-Day Weekend

Mortgage rates moved modestly higher for some lenders today, while others remained closer to unchanged territory. Following Wednesday's swing to 6-month highs, this leaves the average rate sheet somewhere between there and yesterday's. In terms of the actual interest rate, 3.625% remains as the most prevalent "best-execution" rate, with relatively small adjustments in costs vs yesterday. Market movements during US trading hours have been relatively subdued for mortgage-backed-securities, or "MBS...

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2:45 PM:

Stocks Sell-Off In Earnest, Some Benefit For Bonds

12:24 PM:

Stocks Continue Struggling, Helping Bond Markets

10:59 AM:

Negative Reprice Risk Incrementally Increasing

10:18 AM:

ECON: Survey Of Forecasters Predicts Stronger Labor Market

10:08 AM:

Stocks and TSY yields break highs, MBS hit Lows

10:03 AM:

ECON: Consumer Sentiment Stronger Than Expected

9:52 AM:

MBS At Lows Ahead Of Sentiment Data

9:21 AM:

ECON: Industrial Production Weaker Than Expected

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"This is great, but what will be done to help homeowners that Banks refused to negoiate with that were forced to short sale ?"

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"The idea that there are only 1 or 2 percent of credit reports with material inaccuracies is amusing. I guess it depends on the definition of a material..."

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