Jan 9, 2013 10:11AM

Waiting for QM, the MBA Weighs In; Who is the Largest Private Real Estate Holder?

Huh? AIG, the parent of United Guarantee, is thinking about suing the United States government over its bailout? Stranger than fiction - but true! Here is some chatter on the subject. (And see the "joke" below.) It could be a very big day for the mortgage industry - or at least any company that wants to originate loans that can be sold in the secondary market . The mortgage industry and Wall Street are prepping for the qualified mortgage rule ("QM") which could be released in its final form by the...

Jan 9, 2013 12:05PM

2012 On Pace to be Record Year for Housing Affordability

Even though home prices have been rising, the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) said today that 2012 appears primed to set a record for housing affordability . With 11 months of data in, NAR's Housing Affordability Index was at 198.2 in November, down 2.5 index points from October but 1.5 points higher than in November 2011. When December data is compiled, NAR projects that the housing affordability index for 2012 will be a record high 194, up from 186 from 2011, the previous record year...

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3:02 PM:

MBS Hit Two Day Highs, Positive Reprices Not Inconceivable

1:37 PM:

Following Weak Auction, Bond Market Weakness Only Temporary

9:59 AM:

Bond Markets Continue Rangebound Path Ahead Of Auction

3:23 PM:

MBS Continue Coasting Sideways To Slightly Lower

9:54 AM:

Bond Markets Ratchet to Slightly Better Levels Yet Again

2:05 PM:

MBS Grinding Steadily At Highs, Slight Chance Of Reprices

9:38 AM:

Bond Markets Struggling Sideways, Lacking Inspiration

2:56 PM:

Positive Reprice Potential Continues. MBS, Treasuries at Best Levels

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