Jan 8, 2013 10:46AM

Real Estate Web Searches Climb 253% in Four Years as 90% of Homebuyers Use Internet as Primary Research

Home-shopping consumers are not only exponentially increasing their reliance on the Internet but are also developing distinct patterns for using it in their housing searches. Google and the National Association of Realtors® recently completed a joint study on how and how much prospective buyers use the various digital options, publishing the results in The Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate. That shopping is no longer about showing up in a store or a broker's office...

Jan 8, 2013 11:13AM

More on the Multi-billion Dollar Settlement; Thoughts on LO's W-2 vs. 1099

There are so many statistics out there it makes one's head spin. For example, for the nation's 115 million occupied homes: The median year these homes were built was 1974 , with owner-occupied units being slightly newer (1976 compared with 1972 for renter-occupied). The median size of single-family detached and mobile home units is 1,800 square feet , with owner-occupied units being larger (1,800 square feet) than renter-occupied ones (1,300 square feet). Newly constructed units are also usually...

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3:23 PM:

MBS Continue Coasting Sideways To Slightly Lower

9:54 AM:

Bond Markets Ratchet to Slightly Better Levels Yet Again

2:05 PM:

MBS Grinding Steadily At Highs, Slight Chance Of Reprices

9:38 AM:

Bond Markets Struggling Sideways, Lacking Inspiration

2:56 PM:

Positive Reprice Potential Continues. MBS, Treasuries at Best Levels

1:41 PM:

Several Positive Reprices As MBS Level Off Near Highs

10:20 AM:

ECON: Factory Orders Weaker Than Expected

10:15 AM:

ECON: ISM Non-Manufacturing Stronger Than Expected

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