Jan 4, 2013 5:07PM

Mortgage Rates Stabilize After Opening At Highest Levels Since September

Mortgage rates continued higher today , reaching their worst levels since before the Fed announced the specific buying program of Mortgage-Backed-Securities (MBS) referred to as QE3. MBS are the tradable securities that have the most direct effect on lender's mortgage rates. Simply put, yesterday's news showed a less unified ideology among members of the FOMC ("Federal Open Market Committee," or simply, the Fed, which votes on the policies that dictate the MBS purchases). Markets aren't concerned...

Jan 4, 2013 9:57AM

New HUD Research Tool Offers a Wealth of Housing Data

Writers, researchers, and those interested in housing market data have a great new tool to work (or play) with, courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The American FactFinder data access tool, an interactive source of information gathered from the 2011 American Housing Survey (AHS) has a wealth of information on the nation's homes and how their occupants live in, finance, and feel about them. A wide range of specific topics is available in the database...

Micro News

2:56 PM:

Positive Reprice Potential Continues. MBS, Treasuries at Best Levels

1:41 PM:

Several Positive Reprices As MBS Level Off Near Highs

10:20 AM:

ECON: Factory Orders Weaker Than Expected

10:15 AM:

ECON: ISM Non-Manufacturing Stronger Than Expected

9:17 AM:

Bond Markets Weaker Overnight, NFP Brings More Indecision

8:45 AM:

ECON: Non-Farm Payrolls As Expected, Bond Markets Fighting

2:12 PM:

Full-On Liquidation Mode. Reprices All But Guaranteed

2:03 PM:

Negative Reprices More Likely as MBS Slide Following FOMC

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Today's Comments

Ted Rood

"Locked a 15 year this PM at 2.75%. With rates this good, I'm hesitant to float as the potential for improvement, while there, is less than the potential..."

Jason Harris

"I don't see them requiring bank LO's to pass licensing tests. The biggest banks have way too many personal bankers selling 1st lien portfolio loans..."

Ted Rood

"Gosh, MIke, sorry you are so offended. Not sure why you would think there's a limited pool of folks eligible to refi with HARP, FHA and VA streams..."

Today's Q&A

"is it illegal to charge your clients a transaciton fee?"

"Can LO commissions be returned? "

"I haven't paid my second mortg in over 3yrs. Will it be off credit in 7 yrs?"