Jan 23, 2013 10:02AM

Housing Recovery Should Accelerate into 2013, if Washington Behaves

Three economists told attendees at the International Builders Show that the housing market should continue to improve on an accelerating basis in 2013 . But each cautioned that there are many factors, especially on the federal government level, that could still derail the recovery . The builders, meeting in Las Vegas on Tuesday, heard from David Crowe, Chief Economist, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), David Berson, senior vice president and chief economist at Nationwide Insurance and...

Jan 23, 2013 4:00PM

Mortgage Rates Improve At Slightly Faster Pace

Mortgage rates were more unified in their improvements today after beginning the week rather equivocally on Tuesday. Most lenders offered improved interest rates or reduced costs (or increased lender credit) for the same rates available yesterday. Additionally, several large lenders offered bigger-than-average improvements, doing more to affect the average day-over-day change. In fact, 3.375% is edging back into the frame of reference as a Best-Execution rate for 30yr Fixed, Conventional loans, though...

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4:11 PM:

Negative Reprices Reported Despite Steady Prices

1:32 PM:

Bonds Fall On Debt-Ceiling News. Reprice Risk At Bay For Now

10:28 AM:

Bond Markets Slightly Stronger This Morning, Light Data

2:16 PM:

U.S. Senator Corker urges regulators to simplify mortgage rule

11:53 AM:

Positive Reprice Potential Increasing MBS Hit New Highs

10:57 AM:

Econ Data Helps, But Resisting Breaks Into The Green

10:11 AM:

ECON: Existing Home Sales Weaker Than Expected, Inventories Shrink

9:56 AM:

Bond Markets Slightly Weaker, Holding Narrow Range

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Frank Ceizyk

"Wow--we're back to blame and hopelessness after this news? HARP 2.0 is allowing so many upside down borrowers to refinance and reducing the likelihood..."

Ted Rood

"So true, Julian. I've always said that part of something is better than all of nothing, and I'd really stressing that to my clients currently at..."

cindy vance

"I have been lending for over 25 years and I did not take advantage and overcharge my borrowers. You are all correct and unfortunately, it is true, the..."

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