May 16, 2012 4:18PM

Judicial States Continue to Skew Foreclosure Statistics

There were substantial improvements in delinquency rates during the first quarter of 2012 according to the National Delinquency Survey for the period released this morning by the Mortgage Bankers Association. At a conference call for media accompanying the release, Jay Brinkmann, MBA's Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Research and Education said that the combined percentage of loans in foreclosure or at least one payment past due was 11.33 percent, a 120 basis point (bp) decrease from...

May 16, 2012 3:21PM

Mortgage Rates Steady At All-Time Lows Thanks To Europe And The Fed

Mortgage Rates are steady to slightly improved today following as Europe's fiscal woes continue providing downward pressure on US interest rates. The forces at work keeping rates low were joined today by "minutes" from the most recent FOMC meeting. All told, several notable lenders are offering their all-time lowest interest rates while others remain close. Markets actually got off to a shaky start as far as rates were concerned. Had it not been for the European headlines and the FOMC Minutes , we...

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2:07 PM:

Float Boat Stays Out To Sea as Fed Stays Willing to Stimulate

1:20 PM:

MBS Hold Gains Ahead of FOMC Minutes

11:53 AM:

NMLS 2011 Annual Report Shows 375,654 Federally Registered MLOs

11:16 AM:

Draghi to Greece: ECB Won't Bend Over Backwards To Keep You in EU

10:00 AM:

Bond Markets Weaker Overnight, But Finding Support So Far

9:20 AM:

ECON: Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization Both Higher

8:36 AM:

ECON: Housing Starts Rise Faster Than Expected

3:40 PM:

MBS Hit New Record Highs as TSY Yields and Stocks Hit Lows

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Dan  Frio

"LO compensation. Who is actually effected with any new legislation. The big banks and mortgage bankers do business as usual. They charge what they want..."

Dan  Frio

"The thing that caught my attention was the closing costs. $3000????? My clients pay on average $700 in closing costs. I receive hundreds of calls from..."

Dustin Brumley - Mortgages in Bellingham, Wa

"Page 9 specifically says the borrowers 'May" pay an origination fee, and in parenthesis specifically establishes that this is outside of the lender..."

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