Feb 6, 2012 3:34PM

European Headlines Help Mortgage Rates Bounce Back

Following Friday's employment data, Mortgages Rates moved quickly higher. In most cases, the changes were seen not in the quoted interest rates themselves, but rather in the closing costs required to obtain those rates. A small number of lenders' Best-Execution rates rose to 4.0%, but a majority stayed at 3.875%. (learn more about how we calculate Best-Execution in THIS POST ). For a given interest rate, there are a range of costs at which it could still be a best-execution candidate. Whereas Friday...

Feb 6, 2012 4:41PM

January Housing Scorecard Released by HUD, Treasury

The Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Treasury issued the administration's January Housing Scorecard on Monday. The report is essentially a summary of data on housing and housing finance released by public and private sources over the previous month and/or quarter. Most of the data such as new and existing home sales, permits and starts, mortgage originations, and various house price evaluations have been previously covered by MND. The scorecard incorporates by reference the...

Micro News

2:36 PM:

MBS Gains Hold. Additional Positive Reprices Reported

12:40 PM:

MBS Slowly and Steadily Winning The Race

10:18 AM:

NAHB: List of Improving Housing Markets Expands to Nearly 100

9:37 AM:

MBA: 2011 Q4 Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Originations Up 13 Percent from 2010 Q4

9:25 AM:

MBS, Treasuries Flat All Morning in Absence of Data. Waiting on Greece

8:51 AM:

Merkel Presses Greece as Another Bailout Deadline Slips

1:54 PM:

NY Files Lawsuit Against Big Banks for Deceptive and Fraudulent Use of MERS

10:20 AM:

MBS Struggle to Hold Lows Following 2nd Round of Econ Data

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Frank Ceizyk

"Why is there no debate about the failure of the residential real estate valuing process? We continue to analyze a 3-4 month period without a historical..."

Ray J

"I am seeing all the down to 3.25% on rate sheets for the 30/30 fixed. The points are high and spreads are wide, as you said, but it appears to be moving..."

steve iler

"Of course the underwater loans will be shifted from the banks' balance sheets to the taxpayer via FHA. The taxpayer is the unsuspecting patsy in the..."

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