Feb 15, 2012 9:52AM

Trends in Mortgage Banking; Conferences Across the Nation Being Lined Up; Snazzy USDA Pilot Program

Two Brits were playing chess. Liam said to John, "Hey, do you want to make this more interesting?" John said, "Sure." So they stopped playing. One thing that is certainly interesting is trends in mortgage origination - and they are hard to miss. Regional banks and smaller lenders are picking up origination and servicing market share given up by BofA, Citi, and Chase. U.S. Bancorp, Flagstar, Fifth Third, and BB&T all gained market share in the fourth quarter on top of double-digit gains over the...

Feb 15, 2012 4:34PM

Effective Implementation of Quality Control Plans

As an FHA approved lender, you are required to have and implement a Quality Control Plan (QCP) . As many lenders have probably figured out, the QC review process is not necessarily intuitive and easily discernible as they would like. For example, are you fully aware of the sampling requirements – how to meet them – and how to do so in a cost efficient manner? You are probably able to readily identify what it costs for your staff or contractor to complete the monthly QC process, but can...

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2:53 PM:

Still On The Edge of Negative Reprice Risk After Conference Call

2:42 PM:

MBS Whip Lower Following Eurogroup Conference Call

2:14 PM:

FOMC Minutes: Equivocal, As-Expected, QE3 Doors Remain Open

12:29 PM:

MBS Break Into New Highs. Positive Reprice Potential Increasing

10:13 AM:

Fed: Deadline to Request Review Under the Independent Foreclosure Review Extended to July 31

10:07 AM:

NAHB: Builder Confidence Increases for Fifth Consecutive Month in February

10:04 AM:

ECON: NAHB Homebuilder Sentiment Highest in Nearly Five Years

9:38 AM:

FHA: New Mortgagee Letter 2012-2

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Market Reaction to FOMC Minutes

Builder Confidence Creates 'Great Land Grab'

Home Sentiment & Refis Surge

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