Dec 27, 2012 9:57AM

Mortgage Forgiveness Act in Jeopardy? Hiring and Retaining Employees the CFPB Way

Okay, so here's something entirely un-mortgage related - productivity this week stinks anyway. The kids are back from college, or on vacation from school, many have had great 2012's and are coasting, whatever. What's this about Mr. Rogers being a Navy SEAL sniper? Oh, and I thought that gerbil rumor was forgotten long ago. Read more . "Rob, what do you hear about the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act extension ?" I have heard nothing about an extension, although it is a timely question. "If the...

Dec 27, 2012 10:57AM

New Home Sales Up 15.3% Over Last Year, Inventories Continue Decline

The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau had more good news for housing this morning. Sales of newly constructed single-family houses increased by 4.4 percent in November, to a seasonally adjusted rate of 377,000 units. This is an increase of 15.3 percent from the rate in November 2011 and is the ninth time in the last 12 months that sales have increased. October sales were revised downward to 361,000 from the 368,000 originally reported. The median price of new...

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3:46 PM:

Negative Reprice Risk Picking Up As Flight-to-Safety Reverses

1:47 PM:

Fiscal Cliff Rumor Mill Churning, Positive Reprices Trickle In

10:39 AM:

MBS Surge To Best Levels After Data, But Not Because Of It

10:19 AM:

ECON: Consumer Confidence Weaker Than Expected

10:09 AM:

ECON: New Home Sales In Line With Expectations

9:16 AM:

MBS Battle Back To Positive Territory After Opening Weaker

8:37 AM:

ECON: Jobless Claims Slightly Lower Than Expected

9:44 AM:

Low Volume Gains Offsetting Low Volume Losses

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Peter Citera

"On what planet was this study conducted? "PMI companies can and do become insolvent, file for bankruptcy or are seized by regulators". Oh, please..."

George Moring

"Hmmm- To add to the problem, now that HUD has raised premiums so much they are being adversely selected. Good credit, qualify well, go 3% down conventional..."

Marvin Von Renchler

"Think about what he said: "that we knew the borrower could not pay." The operative word is KNEW. Did they know without a doubt that any given..."

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"3 unit jumbo non owner purchase, $900,000 on the loan, 70 LTV,Strong borrower. Who will consider? "

"Can an employer deduct credit report and other costs from an lo's paycheck?"

"What does the loan cover and is there monies left over that I can use for my home?"