Dec 26, 2012 11:29AM

Case-Shiller Shows Home Prices Up 4.3% From Year Earlier

The S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices (HPI) released this morning outstripped analysts expectations with strong increases in home prices over the 12 months ending in October. Both the 20-City and the 10-City showed anticipated seasonal weaknesses in October itself, however and along with 12 of the 20 cities, posted a monthly price decrease. The 10-City Composite Index was up 3.4 percent on an annual basis in October compared to 2.1 percent in September and the 20-City Composite rose 4.3 percent...

Dec 26, 2012 10:56AM

LO Education and Bank vs. Non-bank Requirements Under the SAFE Act; Are Foreclosure Prices Really Different?

Are you really back at work, reading this? It is kind of hard to get back in the swing of let's start with some estimates of the future from our very own Census Bureau. The U.S. population will be considerably older and more racially and ethnically diverse by 2060. No big surprise there, but look for the U.S. to become a "plurality nation" where the non-Hispanic white population remains the largest single group, but no group is in the majority. Furthermore, the population is projected...

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Low Volume Gains Offsetting Low Volume Losses

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ECON: Case-Shiller Home Prices Slightly Better Than Expected

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Bond Markets Open Slightly Weaker. No Traders Stirring

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Bond Markets Slipping A Bit Levels As Session Winds Down

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Today's Session Coasting Uneventfully Into Holiday Weekend

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MBS Fall To Mid-Range Support After Press Conference

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ECON: Durable Goods Orders Higher Than Expected

8:40 AM:

ECON: Consumer Spending Turns Positive In November, Incomes Higher

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Case-Shiller: Home Prices Up 4.3% in October

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Peter Citera

"On what planet was this study conducted? "PMI companies can and do become insolvent, file for bankruptcy or are seized by regulators". Oh, please..."

George Moring

"Hmmm- To add to the problem, now that HUD has raised premiums so much they are being adversely selected. Good credit, qualify well, go 3% down conventional..."

Marvin Von Renchler

"Think about what he said: "that we knew the borrower could not pay." The operative word is KNEW. Did they know without a doubt that any given..."

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"Can an employer deduct credit report and other costs from an lo's paycheck?"

"What does the loan cover and is there monies left over that I can use for my home?"

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