Dec 19, 2012 2:15PM

Future Housing Policy Should Consider More than Just FHA's Balance Sheet

The authors of a study just released by the University of North Carolina's Center for Community Capital suggest that the current condition of the Federal Housing Administration's ( FHA ) finances is not as important as the public purpose of the agency . In Sustaining and Expanding the Market: The Public Purpose of the Federal Housing Administration, authors, Roberto G. Quercia and Kevin A. Park find three essential benefits that FHA has historically provided to the U.S. housing markets; regional...

Dec 19, 2012 4:13PM

Thoughts on the CFPB Complaint Process; Should be a Happy Builder Conference this Year

In paying a short visit to Kansas, I learned that there are plenty of "oldest trick in the book"'s from which to choose - but here is one that actually helps community banks. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America reports more billboard advertisements are used by local small businesses than large national ones and represent 75% of total revenue. It turns out that about 80% of companies that advertise this way have less than 50 employees, so clever community bankers, as they drive around town...

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Potentially A Bit Dicey Heading Into The Close

1:23 PM:

Initially Weaker After Auction, But Not Because Of it

11:33 AM:

Post POMO Volatility Suggests Good Defensive Targets

9:37 AM:

Bond Markets Tentatively Improved, Regardless Of Data

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ECON: Housing Starts Weaker Than Expected, Permits Stronger

1:35 PM:

After Bouncing Along Lows, MBS Forced To Sell. Reprice Risk

10:55 AM:

Too Early For Reprice Risk? MBS Hit New Lows

10:32 AM:

ECON: Builder Confidence Continues Improving In December

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George Moring

"Hmmm- To add to the problem, now that HUD has raised premiums so much they are being adversely selected. Good credit, qualify well, go 3% down conventional..."

Marvin Von Renchler

"Think about what he said: "that we knew the borrower could not pay." The operative word is KNEW. Did they know without a doubt that any given..."


"Hi, if Countrywide was such a world class company, then why did they hurt borrowers with horrible mortgages? Aren't /weren't they smart enough..."

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"Trying to purchase an REO, one bank has title and another has a lien on it for 3x prop value"

"Is there a risk with private investors when purchasing a home"

"Can the appraisal fee be refunded?"