Dec 10, 2012 3:30PM

FHFA's DeMarco to be Replaced Early Next Year: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Obama Administration is planning to name a permanent Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, perhaps as soon as the beginning of next year. Nick Timiraos reports that, while the White House has declined comment, sources familiar with the Administration say officials are gathering names of potential nominees but have not yet whittled it down to a short list or interviewed anyone for the post. Edward J. DeMarco has been Acting Director of FHFA since...

Dec 10, 2012 9:40AM

Watchdog Calls for Tighter Leash on Fannie, Freddie Compensation

The compensation paid to executive officers of the two government sponsored enterprises ( GSEs ) Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae has generated a lot of attention both from the media and from Congress. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) as conservator of the GSEs is responsible for oversight of GSE compensation programs and it estimates that in 2011 the two GSEs collectively paid 90 executives a total of $92 million , and 2,000 senior professionals a total of approximately $455 million. Since 2009...

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1:26 PM:

MBS Back To Highs As Treasury Yields And Stocks Come Off Theirs

12:06 PM:

MBS At Weakest Levels After Cliff Comments, Fed Operation

9:53 AM:

Bond Markets Slightly Stronger On European Headlines

2:41 PM:

Scattered Reprices As Leakage Continues

1:43 PM:

Slow Leak Since Into PM Hours, Reprice Risk Still Limited

10:06 AM:

ECON: Consumer Sentiment Much Weaker Than Expected

9:43 AM:

Relatively Contained Post-NFP Selling, Mid-Range Indecision

8:46 AM:

ECON: NFP Much Stronger Than Expected, But BLS Says No Impact From Sandy

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