Nov 8, 2012 12:07PM

LPS Sees "Marked Upturn" in September Delinquency Rates

Lender Processing Services (LPS) notes a "marked upturn" in delinquency rates in its September Mortgage Monitor released this morning. The company said that there is usually a seasonal rise in delinquencies in September, but the 7.7 percent increase from the August rate is the largest monthly increase since 2008. However, Senior Vice President Herb Blecher said it is important to view the date in its proper context. "September's increase in the delinquency rate was indeed significant , but the overall...

Nov 8, 2012 12:49PM

Fannie and Freddie Making Some Coin; Ginnie Volumes are Huge; Lack of Inventory to Impact Realtor Ranks?

Yesterday the commentary reported on the news that New Traditions National Bank will become a subsidiary of Old Florida Bancshares, prompting one punster to write, "Does that make it 'New Old Florida Bank' kinda like Fifth Third Bank? (Most in the industry know that Fifth Third's name is the result of the 1908 merger of Third National Bank and Fifth National Bank, to become the Fifth Third National Bank of Cincinnati. Per good ol' Wikipedia, "while Third National was the senior partner, the merger...

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Utterly Triumphant 30yr Auction Sends Bond Markets Soaring

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30yr Auction Preview

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Bond Markets Moderately Weaker. Data, Draghi Underwhelming

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ECON: September Trade Deficit Narrowest Since Since Dec 2010

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ECON: Jobless Claims Lower Than Expected, Distorted By Storm

3:32 PM:

MBS Back In Line With Lows In Late Day Illiquidity

2:02 PM:

Auction-Related Volatility Fades, Leaving MBS, TSY's Largely Unchanged

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10yr Auction Preview

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"Hi, Why should Wells Fargo (or any other bank) who did wrong not be held accountable? After all, the banks got bailed out big time and we the scammed borrowers..."

Bryan/Mortgage Finance Group, Inc.

"Sad commentary for our country -we are now beyond the tipping point where people that vote for a living exceed those that work for a living."

 Baron Kahle

"Does this mean there is criminal prosecution involved or is this another means of shaking down a bank for more penalties and fines?"

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"Need refinance for upsidedown conventional loan that is not Freddie, Fannie or FHA"

"How/who should I ask for advice to improve my mortgage approval prospects?"

"Loan sold to other carrier who is now requesting H06 policy"