Nov 26, 2012 10:26AM

CFPB Exam Findings; Thoughts on the CFPB and Dodd Frank Determining Underwriting; Will PMI Emerge from Bankruptcy?

Even if you had to have the borrower come back to resign a document, or you had to eat a one day extension, or locked a loan under the wrong program, it isn't as bad as this . I am often asked, "Have you seen any CFPB exam results ? Have any fines been leveled? Are the mortgage companies that have been audited, such as Stearns or Guild, under some type of secrecy order?" Well, just like the results of your IRS audit, or an FDIC exam of a bank, to the best of my knowledge the results are not made...

Nov 26, 2012 3:23PM

Mortgage Rates Vary By Lender, Moderately Lower On Average

Mortgage rates once again saw a greater-than-normal degree of stratification between lenders, meaning that some of them offered lower rates today while others moved their rate sheets higher. This is partly due to the relative mess that the Thanksgiving holiday makes of US markets every year. Because Friday was only a half day (for markets, officially) and because Thursday is a full market closure, many lenders simply choose to stay closed on Friday and thus, do not put out rate sheets. Those that...

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3:03 PM:

MBS Shake Off Afternoon Weakness, Sideways Ahead Of Greece News

9:38 AM:

Bond Markets Stronger To Begin Week

9:26 AM:

Bond Markets Tick Into Negative Territory After Opening Slightly Stronger

3:03 PM:

Limited Activity; MBS At Lows; Stubborn But Low Reprice Risk

11:43 AM:

Shaking Off Some Weakness Following TIPS Auction

10:50 AM:

ECON: Consumer Sentiment Slightly Lower Than Expected

10:04 AM:

MBS Risk Running Into Ceiling At Yesterday's Lows

9:07 AM:

ECON: Markit PMI Slightly Higher

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Jana Holmstrup

"Good points, Hal - I also have issues with their studies and budgets. Will be watching to see if you receive an answer."

Jana Holmstrup

""FHA is losing money hand over fist" - No, they are projected to lose money. When do we ever get to look at real numbers? Last year's study..."

Hal Hoodwin

"Maybe you can help me. According to HUD's own report, - Annual Report to Congress Regarding the Financial Status of the FHA Mutual Mortgage Insurance..."

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"Paying off Son's Mortgage"

"Can I get a mortgage loan if I am working for 1 year."