Jan 30, 2012 2:15PM

Mortgage Rates Hit New All-Time Lows!

It's happened before and it happened again today: Mortgages Rates hit new all time lows today. Please note, that the actual interest rate you would have been quoted last week and this week may not have changed, but based on raw data from more than 20 leading lenders as well as feedback from the MBS Live community, the average Best-Execution rate, before rounding to the nearest eighth, hit its lowest level on record, 3.81%. Although 3.81% is closer to 3.75% than 3.875%, we won't declare 3.75% to be...

Jan 30, 2012 1:19PM

HAMP Changes: Treasury Increases Incentives for Principal Reduction

The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced on Friday that it was extending the Home Affordable Modification Program ( HAMP ) for another year - through December 13, 2013 - and that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae would continue as financial agents for Treasury in implementing the changes it then announced. The press release also said the two GSEs would "extend their use of HAMP Tier 1 as the first modification option through 2013" and that they were already in alignment with HAMP Tier 2 and no further...

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5:19 PM:

FHFA Statement on Freddie Mac Refinance Story

3:41 PM:

After "Pin Drop Quiet" Day, MBS Weaken Slightly. Infinitesimal Reprice Risk

2:23 PM:

NY Fed Research: House Price Booms, Current Account Deficits, and Low Interest Rates

11:47 AM:

Eerily Stable, Given Price Levels

8:54 AM:

MBS Continue at All-Time Highs After Consumer Spending Report

8:41 AM:

ECON: Consumers Earned More, Spent Less in December

2:28 PM:

MBS Hit Day's Highs, Underperforming TSYs in Low Volume

10:15 AM:

Fed's Dovish Dudley Says Recovery to Slow in 2012

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Frank Ceizyk

"You could also allow borrowers with more than 4 financed properties to cash out existing free & clear properties. Most of these investors have over..."

Frank Ceizyk

"And Ray J--I know you were joking, but the truth is, the government will intervene if as an industry we continue to just ridicule their efforts or just..."

Frank Ceizyk

"Ray J--if that is true then how can we truly call housing an investment for buyers? Vacant neighbhorhoods, rational defaults, credit histories destroyed..."

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"Should I pay down my mortgage when my property has depreciated in value?"

"Foreclose during bankruptcy or after?"

"Can a commercial property be sold to a person who is not a US citizen if he pays cash!"