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Few Americans expect the housing market to recover before 2012 according to an online survey of foreclosure attitudes conducted by RealtyTrac, Trulia,... - MND NewsWire
The Mortgage Banks Association has formalized its objections to proposed new regulations forlenders in a letter sent to FHA Commissioner David Stevens... - MND NewsWire
The final rules are effective April 1, 2011. I don't think the industry is anywhere near ready for it right now. I don't think the government is either... - MND NewsWire
MBS Quotes
FNMA 3.5 96-04 -1-21
FNMA 4.0 99-29 -1-12
FNMA 4.5 102-27 -1-04
FNMA 5.0 105-09 -0-22
FNMA 5.5 106-30 -0-12
FNMA 6.0 108-17 -0-07
Updated: 12/7/10 4:38 PM
3 MO 0.1319 0.0071
2 YR 0.5318 0.1111
5 YR 1.7236 0.2081
10 YR 3.1258 0.2056
30 YR 4.3674 0.1277
Updated: 12/7/10 5:15 PM
Mortgage Rates
30 Yr FRM 4.64 0.13
15 Yr FRM 3.89 0.11
FHA 30 Year 4.66 0.14
Jumbo 30 Year 5.73 0.09
5/1 Yr ARM 3.78 0.18
Updated: 12/7/10 5:24 PM
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Muni Market Mayhem
Is the deal to extend the Bush-era tax cuts the final nail in the coffin for the municipal bond market? Alan Schankel of Janney Montgomery Scott and Howard...
More Buyers Say They'd Consider Foreclosures
Americans are increasingly likely to consider buying a foreclosed property, according to a new survey by Trulia and Realty Trac. CNBC's Diana Olick...
Making Money in Regional banks
Is there money to be made in the smaller banks? Insight with Christopher Whalen, Institutional Risk Analytics and Paul Miller, FBR Capital Markets.

Recent Comments
Adam Quinones
on 12/7/2010 - read this comment
CLARIFICATION FOR BROKERS: You will not be able to charge origination points and cover them with rebate via a lender credit. Lender credits will only be applicable to third party fees.
jeff billups
on 12/7/2010 - read this comment
I would like to hear truerates explain what benefit a borrower gets from knowing how their loan flows from origination to secondary to investment. The client should be concerned with understanding the...
Andrew Russell
on 12/7/2010 - read this comment
What is the problem with being paid on a percentage of the loan at the consummation of the transaction, and then a bi monthly or quarterly bonus? It could all equal out to the same thing...You think there...
on 12/7/2010 - read this comment
The question is not how to fight against what is an evolutionary function (banks taking over mortgages) but how to survive and move forward on an individual level. Trying to buck this 'trend' is...

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