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The same problem that plagued mortgage rates in recent days where 3.5 MBS's were not trading in enough volume to allow rates to dip much below 4.25... - Mortgage Rate Watch
oan pricing got whacked by lenders today. On average rebate is 55.5bps worse with some chunky reductions in the note rates below 4.50%. As much as 75bps... - MBS Commentary
In Part One of a Senate Banking Committee hearing held in November, panelists both assailed and defended the mortgage servicing industry for its performance... - MND NewsWire
MBS Quotes
FNMA 3.5 96-31 -1-11
FNMA 4.0 100-13 -1-04
FNMA 4.5 103-05 -0-30
FNMA 5.0 105-13 -0-20
FNMA 5.5 106-28 -0-19
FNMA 6.0 108-08 -0-19
Updated: 12/1/10 4:33 PM
3 MO 0.1600 -0.0100
2 YR 0.5300 0.0800
5 YR 1.6400 0.1700
10 YR 2.9700 0.1600
30 YR 4.2400 0.1200
Updated: 12/1/10 5:40 PM
Mortgage Rates
30 Yr FRM 4.46 0.11
15 Yr FRM 3.72 0.11
FHA 30 Year 4.49 0.09
Jumbo 30 Year 5.56 0.11
5/1 Yr ARM 3.60 0.11
Updated: 12/1/10 4:46 PM
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Who Will Pay for the Internet?
Discussing net neutrality with Reed Hundt, a former FCC chairman.
Reaction to Fed's Crisis Loan Disclosure
The Federal Reserve on Wednesday released details on $3.3 trillion in emergency loans made during the 2007-2009 financial meltdown, including who borrowed...
Extend Jobless Benefits?
Debating whether the government should extend jobless benefits, with Ben Ferguson, ICON Radio Network, and Julian Epstein, LMG CEO.

Recent Comments
Frank Ceizyk
on 12/1/2010 - read this comment
Perhaps it is good to have spike in rates and reflect on what we are doing to fix housing in general. Rates at 1% are not going to stop housing price depreciation, foreclosure fraud, AMC inefficiencies...
Zach Smith
on 12/1/2010 - read this comment
I hate to be the voice of reason but you all just need to step back and realize what is up here, we still have 103+ on 4.875%. Yeah, referrals from no fee 4.5's are not going to like what they hear...
Marty Sonke
on 12/1/2010 - read this comment
Like I said in the last post when you set the bar low it is easy to beat. Econ reports are not on fire but the Mr. Market perceives it that way because of low expectations to begin with. We need 150K jobs...
Adam Quinones
on 12/1/2010 - read this comment
I'm writing my outlook now Brett. December looks like a lost cause at the moment. Barring some surprise shift in sentiment, the line between 4.25% and 4.375% seems unbreakable until 2011. I am tempted...

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