Average Mortgage Rates
30 Yr FRM 3.63 3.62 0.01%
15 Yr FRM 2.95 2.94 0.01%
FHA 30 Year 3.35 3.34 0.01%
Jumbo 30 Year 3.82 3.81 0.01%
5/1 Yr ARM 3.03 3.02 0.01%
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Updated: 2/22/13 2:36 PM
Feb 22, 2013 2:36PM

Mortgage Rates Finish The Week Near Recent Highs

Mortgage rates were slightly higher today, despite moderate improvements in underlying bond markets. This is primarily due to fairly pronounced weakness late in the day yesterday combined with the fact that bond markets opened in even weaker territory before improving to modestly positive levels. Beyond those timing considerations, the gains were simply quite small in the first place. Some lenders offered improved rate sheets as market levels crept back into positive territory but on average, borrowing...

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