Average Mortgage Rates
30 Yr FRM 3.57 3.58 -0.01%
15 Yr FRM 2.90 2.91 -0.01%
FHA 30 Year 3.29 3.30 -0.01%
Jumbo 30 Year 3.77 3.77 0.00%
5/1 Yr ARM 3.01 3.01 0.00%
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Updated: 2/12/13 3:29 PM
Feb 12, 2013 3:30PM

Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower Despite Market Weakness

Mortgage rates continued to inch lower on Tuesday as part of a two day move back down from recent highs. The change in rates compared to yesterday's latest offerings isn't enough to change the prevailing Best-Execution rate for 30yr Fixed, Conventional loans (3.625%), but modest improvements came in spite of weaker market conditions. This means that lenders priced rate sheets more aggressively relative to trading levels in MBS (the mortgage-backed-securities that most directly influence rates). It...

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