Average Mortgage Rates
30 Yr FRM 3.37 3.36 0.01%
15 Yr FRM 2.75 2.75 0.00%
FHA 30 Year 3.25 3.25 0.00%
Jumbo 30 Year 3.57 3.56 0.01%
5/1 Yr ARM 3.00 3.00 0.00%
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Updated: 12/3/12 3:17 PM
Dec 3, 2012 3:17PM

Mortgage Rates Higher This Morning, But Back To Unchanged In The Afternoon

Mortgage rates began the day in weaker territory , but were able to make it back to Friday's levels as most lenders improved pricing in the afternoon. Earlier weakness was primarily a result of the overnight sessions in Asia and Europe with several headlines accruing to the benefit of Stocks at the expense of bonds. Weaker bond markets tend to coincide with higher mortgage rates. But the weakness in bond markets and in the Mortgage-Backed-Securities (MBS) that most directly influence mortgage rates...

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