Average Mortgage Rates
30 Yr FRM 3.41 3.39 0.02%
15 Yr FRM 2.76 2.75 0.01%
FHA 30 Year 3.25 3.25 0.00%
Jumbo 30 Year 3.62 3.59 0.03%
5/1 Yr ARM 2.98 3.00 -0.02%
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Updated: 12/13/12 2:46 PM
Dec 13, 2012 4:01PM

Mortgage Rates Edge Up To Highest Levels In December

Mortgage rates continued higher on Thursday following stronger-than-expected economic data and continuing the losses after yesterday's FOMC announcement. There continues to be more stratification between lenders' rate offerings than normal. Some rate sheets are marginally better than yesterday's latest while a few big lenders are significantly worse. On average, rates are at their highest levels of the month today and Best-Execution is back up to 3.375% for a majority of lenders. ( Read More:What...

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