After receiving feedback from our users, we've made some enhancements we'd like you to know about. 

Today, MND  released improvements to our forward articles via email functionality.  Previously we were using the 'Share This' functionality as a means to share our content.  Over the past few weeks users began reporting issues with this functionality.  As a result, we've added our own email forwarding functionality, with a few more bells and whistles.

You can now forward breaking news from multiple locations including:

  • Directly from the article you're reading - Simple click the 'Email Page' link on any article and fill out the form to forward the page.
  • From our email news alerts - If you receive email alertsfrom a specific channel, you can forward the article directly from the email alert.
  • From a forward - and anyone who receives a forward, can forward the forward.  Did we say 'forward' enough? 

So now, it's easier than ever to:

Oh, and by the way, Registered Members (who are logged in), the email contains a link to your MND profile page.

Here's a screenshot of the email forward:

Limitations and SPAM

As a means to prevent this from being used as a SPAM tool:

  • Anonymous Users can can only forward to one user at a time.
  • Registered Users, that are logged in, can forward to 5 email addresses at a time.
  • The system is built to monitor sending activity and will blacklist anyone that abuses the functionality. 

Happy forwarding!