As our community crosses over 50,000 members, MND is proud to announce the release of two new blog channels: The Voice of Housing and Pipeline Press.

The Voice of Housing is a discussion forum targeting industry business leaders, entrepreneurs, and local, state and federal policy makers whose bias in connection with addressing the current financial services crisis is toward identifying and executing actionable ideas.

Pipeline Press is an informational forum focused on the interpretation and discussion of industry specific news, intelligence, bulletins, releases, developments, events, and even rumors.

The Voice of Housing is sponsored and written by members of the Collingwood Group, LLC. Contributors include:

  • Joe Murin, former Ginnie Mae CEO
  • Brian Montgomery, former FHA Commissioner.
  • Tim Rood, former Senior Director and Principal of Fannie Mae’s eBusiness Division
  • Brian O'Reilly, former Director of Automated Underwriting and Risk Management Solutions at Fannie Mae
  • Gary Cunningham, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regulatory Affairs at HUD.

Pipeline Press is written by Rob Chrisman, a 24 year veteran of mortgage banking with the majority of his career spent working in the secondary marketing department and capital markets desks. Prior to contributing to MND, Rob wrote and published his own daily market newsletter which was distributed to over 3,500 readers.

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