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US Energy Secretary Steven Chu Says Paint Flat Roofs...
Geothermal Technology with Pinkston Geothermal
Going green at home isn't just about saving the...

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Tips and Tricks

Do two good deeds at once by recycling used magazines where they will be read and enjoyed. Hospitals, clinics, and public and and private social service agencies don't have money in their budgets these days for subscriptions and will welcome general interest and children's publications for their waiting rooms. You might also find a neighbor or a friend who would enjoy regularly receiving magazines of special interest.

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  • For the Serious (Rainwater) Collector

    From a barrel sitting under a down spout rainwater collection can increase dramatically in capacity, complexity, and cost. The above-ground rain barrels we talked about earlier in the week are limited by size. The larger barrels aren't very attractive and one that holds 75 gallons is a sizable piece of plastic to have parked near the foundation. Most that we looked at were about 3 feet high and over two feet in diameter and the water at full capacity weighs 625 pounds which requires a heavy grade...
  • Rain Barrels - a Simple Old Fashioned Water Saver

    Catching and using rainwater collection (and restoring a little bit of the hydrologic cycle ) can be a major production - harnessing and purifying rooftop runoff to meet all household needs including drinking and cooking - or it can be a simple matter of reducing a bit of the water that rushes into storm sewers and streets while capturing water needed for outdoor chores. Whole house systems are best suited to new construction rather than retrofits, but starting on the bottom rung is an incredibly...

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