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Do two good deeds at once by recycling used magazines where they will be read and enjoyed. Hospitals, clinics, and public and and private social service agencies don't have money in their budgets these days for subscriptions and will welcome general interest and children's publications for their waiting rooms. You might also find a neighbor or a friend who would enjoy regularly receiving magazines of special interest.

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Like every beauty pageant contestant who tells the judges she wants to bring about world peace, this blog has a lofty goal that it can't possibly accomplish - to turn the world green.

But hopefully we can do a little toward that goal by talking up the idea of living a climate conscious life in a green home and world.

To that end, we hope to bring our readers both old and new ideas for conserving resources and reducing the carbon footprint each of us makes on the earth each day.  Our plan is to:

  • Help our readers to understand what it means to be green by providing an ongoing glossary of terms and ways to measure our individual impact on the environment and calculate how we change.
  • Investigate green products for the home and the community, compare alternatives, and provide information on costs and where to find the items.
  • Talk about green processes and techniques for new home construction, and small and major rehabs.
  • Point the way to books, articles, and websites that foster the green life.
  • Keep track of private and government programs on all levels designed to help people live green.
  • Discuss innovative projects on every level - individual through world-wide - that are changing the environment in positive ways.
  • Locate directories of professionals who can provide one-on-one help in achieving green goals for the home.

Our main thrust will be the home but the home very broadly defined.  And we probably won't be able to keep from including occasional information on other aspects of a green lifestyle.

We invite your participation.  If you have a suggestion for an article, wish to comment on a green product, inform other readers about something of interest you have seen or read, please write a comment.  Keep it brief, polite, and to the point.  Checking for spelling errors or typos and reading it back to yourself out loud before pushing the submit button will help insure that everyone gets your message as you intended it.


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