Christmas, that joyous time of year - lights on the tree, cookies in the oven, over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers....or right, that's another holiday.  In any case, it turns out that our annual revelry is murder on the environment.

According to Wikipedia, a study in the United Kingdom reveals that their holiday celebration increases Britain's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 5.5 percent per person over the non-holiday carbon footprint.

While it is estimated that this consumption could be cut by as much as 60 percent through green measures, here is how the British celebrate Christmas.

26 kg (57.32 lbs) of CO2 emissions are created through the production, transportation, preparation, and consumption of holiday food.

Christmas car travel increases the footprint by 96 kg (211.64 lb.)  No estimate is given in the study for air travel which is a very big deal in this country during the holiday season and a huge producer of CO2 emissions.

Extravagant lighting displays add another 218 kg (480.61 lbs) to the total.  But Christmas shopping is the real killer - an average of 310 kg (683.43) lbs of CO2 is generated through putting those presents under the tree.

This extra British consumption over the short holiday period totals 650 kg or 1433 pounds.

Extrapolating the figures from the U.K., our holiday activities increase our larger American footprint for a family of two of 41,500 lb. by 3.5 percent over Christmas.