Effective Internet Marketing Strategies – Overview

As you can imagine – a lot of people ask me how I got my site to #1 on Google for a term like ‘mortgage brokers’ not to mention thousands of other high volume keyword phrases.  It’s a process that anyone can achieve, but that requires more than a simple blog post to explain.  I appreciate your interest in wanting to use the web to grow your business and hope my experience can help you achieve the same success that I’ve been fortunate to have.

Unlike several years ago when mortgage brokers had a hard time keeping up with servicing borrowers who flocked to the nearest local lender, today’s most successful brokers are using a variety of marketing tactics to drive new business.  The Internet affords the single greatest opportunity for real estate lenders to grow their business.  Unfortunately the web is also crowded with a variety of tactics and techniques that can drain both your time and money as you learn from trial and error.  The following is a multipart series on how to use the Internet to effectively market your business, avoid the pitfalls that so many small businesses get stuck in, and navigate your way to dominance of your local online market.  In this series we will provide an overview, do’s and don’ts for the following strategies:

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  1. Local Internet Marketing – Getting Your Business Listed in Local Online Directories
  2. Understanding Your Local Market – How People Search for Your Business
  3. Local Lead Generation Website – Build a Website that Attracts, Captures & Tracks Customers
  4. Search Engine Optimization – Getting Your Website to the Top of Google
  5. Social Media Marketing – Using Twitter & Facebook to Grow Your Business and Maintain Relationships
  6. Content Writing – Cost Effective Ways to Produce Content that Search Engines & Visitors Love
  7. Link Building – Becoming the Center of the Online Mortgage Universe
  8. Onpage Factors – Tagging Your Pages Properly for Search Engines

 If you have any questions or areas of particular interest that you would like me to incorporate into upcoming features, please leave me a comment or send me a message.