One simple step everyone can take to make their email efforts more compatible with their social media efforts is to link all of your emails to your social networking profiles or blogs.  Most of us already have email signatures, so why not add these links right there with the rest of your contact information? Since most of the well known social media sites (which is where you should be focusing your efforts anyway) have well-recognized logos, I think it is a great idea to use those logos/icons as the hyperlink vs. just a plain text link; that catches the eye of the reader a little better, plus it is more visually appealing. So the way I have done it is I have a link to my FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles as well as a link to my blog.  If you don't have profiles on any of these networks and don't have a blog that is a whole other discussion (you need to get them).

Unfortunately, adding these icons to your Outlook email signature may be a bit more cumbersome than you might think. That being said, I have prepared a brief tutorial video below to guide you through the process. This demo is accurate as of Outlook 2003.

By the way, this is the site I used to get the icons we used in our email signatures: But a simple Google image search will find you whatever you are looking for as well.