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  Mortgage News Daily Home Page
  News Stories
  Speculation Abounds - Wherefore Art the New Treasury Secretary?
  Treasury's Kashkari Wants Transparent TARP
  Fed, SEC, CFTC and Treasury Department to Establish CDS Clearing House
  U.S. Libor Rates Higher on Friday
  Fed's Bernanke Says More Co-ordinated Measures Possible
  Survey of Remodelers Show Work, Expectations in Decline
  Rates Pause in Roller-Coaster Ride
  Lower Rates Spark Increase in Mortgage Applications
  RealtyTrac Says U.S. Foreclosures Rose 5% in October
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Higher in Week Ending November 7
  U.S. Inter-Bank Lending Rates Higher After TARP Revamp
  Paulson Abandons Asset-Purchase Plan, Expands Capital Injection Approach
  Fed, FDIC and Treasury Issue Joint Statement on Bank Practices
  Paulson Unveils Phase Two of TARP
  Wednesday's Events: Paulson to Give TARP Update; Fed Speakers & Bond Auctions
  FHFA Announces Loan Modification Program for Fannie, Freddie
  Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to Modify Approach to Foreclosure Prevention, WSJ Says
  Another Big Bank Moves to Assist Homeowners and Itself
  Realtors Ask Feds for Reduction in Owner-Occupancy Ratio
  Tsy's Kashkari Says Extended Bailout of AIG Necessary for Stable Markets
  Fed & Treasury Revise AIG Loan Terms Under TARP
  Fannie Mae Reports Record Quarterly $29 Billion Loss
  From Any Angle, October Nonfarm Payrolls are Horrible, Economists Say
  Obama has Plenty of Choices for Treasury Secretary
  Fed's Warsh Says U.S. Financial Structure Has to be Rebuilt
  Mortgage Rates Decline on Spending, Jobs Fears
  Jobless Claims Continue to Signal Sustained Layoffs
  Losses May Sink GMAC's Residential Lending Unit
  ADP Report Says 157k U.S. Private Jobs Lost in October
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Lower in Week Ending October 31
  J.P. Morgan Chase Unveils Mortgage Foreclosure Initiative
  Dallas Fed President Says Slowdown Reversed Inflationary Trend
  FDIC Extends Opt-Out Deadline For Banks Participating in Guarantee Program
  Fed's Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey Released
  Commerce Department Offers One-Stop Site for Economic Survival
  Fed's Lacker Says Slowing Economy May Lead to Further Credit Tightening
  Construction Spending Drops in September
  Fed's Bernanke Urges Reform on Mortgage Securitization Process
  Zillow Survey Portrays Homeowners in Denial
  September Personal Income & Spending Report Signals Worsening in Q4
  Fed's Yellen Says Rates Could Reach Zero in Weak Economy
  Cuomo Tells Big Banks - He is Watching
  Mortgage Rates Swing Upward Again This Week
  White House Adviser Lazear Says U.S. Can Potentially Rebound
  Economists Say Contraction in U.S. Q3 GDP Confirms Recession
  IMF Sets Up New Lending Facility
  FOMC Puts Risk on Downside Growth, Inflation Off Radar, Analysts Say
  FOMC Unanimously Votes to Cut Target Rate 50 Basis Points to 1.00%
  FDIC Unveils Incentives to Mortgage Industry to Amend Loans
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Up in Week Ending October 24
  Fed Widely Expected to Cut Rates 50 Basis Points to 1.00%
  U.S. Third Quarter Vacancy Rates Remain Stalled at 2.8%
  Consumer Confidence Plummets to All-Time Low of 38.0 in October
  Former Fed Chair Volcker Says "No Doubt" U.S. is in Recession
  More Banks Sign up to Sell Stock to Treasury
  Case-Shiller Home Price Index Declines by 16.6% in August
  New Home Sales Rise 2.7% in September
  Monday's Events: U.S. New Home Sales, Bond Auctions, ECB's Trichet
  More Insurance Giants May Dip Into Bailout Fund, Report Says
  IMF Considering Allowing Countries to Borrow 5 Times Quota Limit
  Existing Home Sales Pick Up 5.5% to 5.18 Million in September
  FDIC Chair Promotes Increased Incentives for Mortgage Modifications
  Long-Term Rates Ease After Mid-Month Jump
  Ratings Agencies Hit for Role in Financial Crisis
  Treasury's Kashkari says TARP Moving Forward Rapidly, Effectively
  FHFA Says House Prices Fell 0.6% in August
  Home Foreclosures Drop 12% as State Laws Slow Mortgage Defaults
  Greenspan Says Crisis Worse Than "Anything I Could Have Imagined"
  Greenspan Calls for More Regulation in Testimony to House
  Initial Jobless Claims Jump to 478k
  NAR Presents Four-Point Stimulus Proposal
  MBA Mortgage Applications Decline in Week Ending October 17
  Financial Innovation in China Must Continue, Says Treasury's McCormick
  China's Strength a Beacon Amongst Failing Economies, Paulson Says
  Fed's Stern Says Economy Bad But Whether Recessionary is an "Open Question"
  F.B.I. Resources Overwhelmed by Crisis-Related Crime
  Treasury Hires Private Firms for TARP Accounting, Auditing
  Fed Sets Up Money Market Investor Funding Facility
  U.S. Interbank Lending Rates Continue to Fall
  Bernanke Endorses Second Stimulus Package
  U.S. to Host First in Series of Financial Reform Summits
  Fed's Bernanke to Testify Before House on Idea of Second Stimulus Bill (Update)
  Laid Off by Lehman: One Broker's Story
  Economists Expect Further Declines in U.S. Housing Starts
  Bush Says Government Intervention in Banks Not a Takeover
  Housing Starts Plunge 6.3% in September, Permits Down 8.3%
  Mortgage Brokers Had Little Supervision, Rosengren Tells Housing Association
  Longer Term Mortgage Rates Skyrocket
  NAHB Builder Confidence at Lowest Reading Ever in October
  FDIC Offers Additional Insurance and Debt Guarantees
  Bernanke to Testify on Idea of Second Stimulus Bill
  September Core CPI Up 0.1% as Total Inflation is Flat
  Paulson Stresses $250 Billion Buy Was No Nationalization
  Initial Jobless Claims Fall to 461k
  Massive Housing Report Published by Census and HUD
  Economists Say U.S. Retail Sales "Simply Disturbing"
  Paulson Says $250 Billion Buy Only the Beginning, Report Says
  Moody's Says Government Plan Will Help, But Not Solve Banking Crisis
  Fed Beige Book to Give Insight on How Recent Stage in Crisis Hurts Main Street
  Treasury's Paulson Says Buying Direct Stock in U.S. Financial Firms is Necessary
  President Bush Announces Measures to Stabilize U.S. Banking System
  U.S. Will Spend up to $250 Billion on Equity Injections and Debt Guarantees
  Paulson Calls for Meeting with Banking Executives, WSJ Says
  Billionaire Investor Soros Slams U.S., EU Officials for Slow Response to Crisis
  Financial Sector Needs to "Take Lead" in Crisis
  Japanese Bank Completes $9 Billion Injection in Morgan Stanley
  Fed Approves Wells Fargo Purchase of Wachovia
  A Prominent Economist and Comfort from the Past
  WSJ Says U.S. Government Planning Dramatic UK-Style Intervention
  Paulson Says Crisis Highlights Need for Regulatory Reform
  Treasury Likely to Take Bank Equity Stakes
  Most Mortgage Rates Drop Reflecting Bond Yields
  RTC could be Rescue Plan Role Model
  Crisis Taking Toll on U.S. Consumer Confidence, RBC Survey Shows
  AIG Assumes Additional $37.8 Billion Loan
  Jobless Claims Continue to Suggest Recession, Economists Say
  Paulson Says Rescue Fund Will Inject Capital into Financial Institutions
  Economists Say Soaring Pending Home Sales Don't Point to Bottom Just Yet
  Pending Home Sales Soar 7.4% in August
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Up in Week Ending Oct. 3
  World Central Banks Announce Co-ordinated 50bp Rate Cuts
  Federal Reserve Cuts Rates 50 bps in Co-ordinated Central Bank Action
  August Consumer Credit Falls at Fastest Pace in Over a Decade
  IMF Says Global Growth Headed for "Major Downturn" in 2009
  Fed Creates New Facility to Purchase Unsecured Commercial Paper
  Tuesday's Events: Fed's Bernanke, ECB's Trichet to Speak, FOMC Minutes
  Global Central Banks Continue USD Liquidity Provisions
  PIMCO's Gross Says Fed Must Act as Clearing House and Buy Commercial Paper
  Treasury to Name Former Goldman Banker as Interim Head of Rescue Op
  World Bank President Zoellick Says G7 "Not Working"
  Countrywide Customers to Get Foreclosure Assistance
  Wachovia Says Deal With Wells Fargo Still Stands, Citigroup Can Top Offer
  Treasury May Buy Some Bad Apples From Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  House Approves Financial Rescue Plan in 263 to 171 Vote
  Citigroup Defends Wachovia Takeover After Surprise Wells Fargo Bid
  Schwarzenegger Warns California May Have to Resort to Emergency Fed Funding
  The Sad Reality Foreclosure Alley
  Economists Say Huge Drop in Nonfarm Payrolls Could Force Fed to Cut Rates
  Wall Street Holds its Breath For House Vote on Rescue Package
  Survey Suggests U.S. House Prices Decline from Dual Processes
  IMF Says Financial Turmoil Now "Full Blown Crisis"
  Mortgage Rates Moved Slightly During Past Week
  Greenspan says "Market Freeze Will Thaw"
  State Regulator's Group Finds Loan Mitigation Efforts "Disappointing"
  Jobless Claims Consistent with Recession, Trend to Continue, Economists Say
  Senate Passes New Version of Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
  SEC Extends Ban on Short Selling to October 17
  Senators Confident New Rescue Package Will Pass This Time
  Affluent Investors Increasingly Concerned with Broader Economy, Poll Says
  Buffett Buys $3 Billion in Preferred Stock in GE, Expects U.S. Bailout to Pass
  September's ISM Manufacturing Index "Screams Recession," Economists Say
  Construction Spending Falls Flat in August
  Senator Corker says Senate Will Approve Rescue Plan
  Call for FDIC Increase Aimed at Reassuring Bank Customers
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Down in Week Ending Sept. 26
  IMF's Chief Strauss-Kahn Says Europe Must Join US and Devise Bailout Strategy
  ADP Report Says 8,000 U.S. Private Jobs Lost in September
  Economists Look to Rate Cuts, Second Financial Rescue Package for Hope
  Current Events Could make the World a Better Place
  Case-Shiller Home Price Index Continues to Decline in July
  Overnight USD LIBOR Makes Biggest Jump on Record
  Fed Funds Futures Price in 50Bp Cut
  Tuesday's Events: Canadian GDP; U.S. Consumer Confidence, ISM Chicago PMI
  Fed's Hoenig Says U.S. Will Emerge From Crisis With a Stronger Economy
  House Rejects Emergency Economic Stabilization Act
  U.S. Attorney's Office Investigating Accounting, Disclosure at Fannie and Freddie
  Bernanke Says Proposed Bill to Restore Flow of Credit
  Rescue Plan Finalized, $250 Billion in Funding to be Released Up Front
  Paulson Says Wachovia Was Systemic Risk
  Citigroup to Acquire Wachovia Operations in Government Brokered Deal
  Private Mortgage Insurer Changes Business Policy
  St. Louis Fed' s Bullard Says Inflation and Growth Outlook Uncertain
  House Republicans Return to Negotiating Table
  Lawmakers Return to Drawing Board on Financial Rescue Legislation
  FDIC's Bair Says Seizure of Washington Mutual Was Successful
  Credits Markets Sick - "Securitization Transmitted Disease"
  JPMorgan Chase Acquires Washington Mutual for $1.9 billion
  Senator Shelby Says No Agreement Reached on U.S. Treasury's Bailout Plan
  Senator Schumer Says Congress Bailout Plan to Come in Traunches
  Democrats and Republicans Reach Agreement on Bailout Package
  Uncertainty Leads to Jump in Interest Rates
  Global Recession in 2009 to be Followed by Recovery in 2010, TD Report Says
  Double-Digit Decline in New Home Sales Suggests Turnaround is Months Away
  Treasury's McCormick says "Now is the Time to Act Quickly"
  New Home Sales Fall 11.5% to Lowest Level Since January 1991
  Soaring Initial Claims Suggest +100K Nonfarm Job Losses in September
  Officials Scramble to Get Bailout Legislation Together
  Initial Jobless Claims Soar to 493k
  Senator McCain to Temporarily Cease Campaign to Work on Bailout Package
  Interest Group and State Regulators Express Opinions on Bailout
  Bernanke Tells Congress Financial Stability is Threatened
  Existing Home Sales Fall 2.2% to 4.91 Million in August
  Freddie Mac's Bitsberger Urges Congress to Quickly Pass Treasury Proposal
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Down in Week Ending Sept. 19
  Senator Schumer Confident Bill Will Pass in Under Two Weeks
  ABA Asks Protection for Banks Owning GSE Stock
  Bernanke Clarifies Government's $700 Billion Proposal
  Paulson Says Gov't Action Will Protect Taxpayers, Restore Markets
  House Prices Fall 0.6% in July, Says OFHEO
  Bernanke Says Government Action Necessary for Health of Economy
  Former Fed Governor Says Bernanke and Paulson Are Right Men for the Job
  Fed and Treasury Urge Congress to "Act Swiftly" to Avoid Adverse Effects
  Draft of Democratic Bill Includes Provision to Acquire Shares from Firms
  Harvard Study: Home Building and Remodeling Cyclical
  Fed Gives O.K. For Goldman, Morgan to Become Bank Holding Companies
  G7 Finance Ministers Committed to Maintaining Stability of Financial Markets
  The Week Ahead: U.S. Durable Goods
  CBOE Head Denounces SEC's Emergency Short-Selling Ban
  Treasury's Paulson Proposes $700 Billion Plan to Bail Out Wall Street
  OCC Says SEC Rule on Short Selling Could Be Disastrous
  Obama Says Bailout Plan Must Help Main Street, Not Just Wall Street
  Fed's Evans Says Price Support Exposes Federal Reserve to Risk
  Money Market Funds to be Protected by $50 Billion Gov't Fund
  ECB's Stark Says Financial Turmoil Not Over Yet
  Fannie and Freddie to Resume Purchase of Mortgage Debt
  Paulson and Bernanke Swoop to Rescue Financial Markets
  SEC Bans Short Selling on 799 Financial Stocks
  Officials Mulling U.S. Government Fund to Buy Unwanted Assets
  30-year FRM Falls for Fifth Straight Week
  Economists Say Initial Job Claims Remain Elevated but True Level a 'Mystery'
  BOJ's Shirakawa Announces USD Liquidity Provision
  "Huge Wave of Panic" Hits Money Markets as T-Bill Rates Near Zero
  U.S. Commercial Real Estate Curtailed by Liquidity Crunch
  FDIC's Bair Says IndyMac Plan Should Act as a "Catalyst"
  SEC Issues New Rules on Short Selling
  Plunging Housing Starts a Necessary Step on Road to Recovery, Analysts Say
  MBA Mortgage Applications Spike 33.4% in Week Ending Sept.12
  AIG's Board Says Bailout to Protect Customers, Calm Ratings Agencies
  FDIC's Bair Calls for Better Regulatory Structures
  Housing Starts Plunge 6.2% in August, Permits Down 8.9%
  Wednesday Events: Housing Starts and Building Permits, NAR Real Estate
  Barclays to Pay Billions For Lehman Brother's Assets, Investment Banking
  Fed Decides to Bail Out AIG With $85 Billion Loan
  Senate Banking Committee Chairman Dodd Says Economic Woes to Continue
  Government Considering Conservatorship for AIG, Report Says
  FOMC Decision to Hold Rates Causes Mixed Reactions
  Government May Now Participate in AIG Bailout, Reports Suggest
  Consumers Must Know the Rules to Protect Their Assets
  NAHB Builder Confidence Improves in September
  Fed Fund Futures Not an Accurate Measure of Expectations, Strategist Says
  Fed Funds Futures Pricing in 100% Chance of Rate Cut Today
  August Core CPI Up 0.2% as Total Inflation Falls 0.1%
  Obama Says Government Not Responsible For "Bad Debts"
  Markets Price in 80% Chance of a Rate Cut at FOMC Meeting
  Preview: CPI Release Highly Anticipated Ahead of FOMC Rate Decision
  Opinions Split Over What Fed Will Do, What Fed Should Do
  Paulson Says U.S. Banking System a "Safe and Sound" One
  Bank of America, Merrill Lynch CEOs Upbeat About Buyout
  GSE Executives Left to Bail Out Without Parachutes
  Standard and Poor's Downgrades Bank of America After Merrill Takeover
  Fed announces broadened collateral at the PDCF and TSLF
  Lehman Brothers Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Merrill Sold to Bank of America
  Lehman Prepares Bankruptcy Papers as Barclays and Bank of America Walk Away
  The Week Ahead: FOMC Rate Decision, U.S. CPI
  Greenspan Says Fed Should Avoid Bailout of Lehman Brothers
  Senators Ask that Conservatorship Freeze Foreclosures on GSE Mortgages
  Analysts Say Soaring U.S. Consumer Sentiment Won't Prevent Weak Q3 Consumption
  U of Michigan & Reuters Consumer Sentiment Soars in September
  Foreclosures at Highest Rate Since January 2005, Says RealtyTrac
  Most Mortgage Rates Dip to Spring Levels under Federal Conservatorship
  August All-Items PPI Falls 0.9%, Core Up 0.2% M/M
  What's Priced in: Current Market Expectations for Future Monetary Policy
  Friday's Events: U.S. Retail Sales, PPI, Michigan Sentiment; Cdn Cap Utilization
  Fed Funds Futures Pricing 31.1% Chance of Rate Cut for Fed's Year End Meeting
  Fed's Kohn Says "Jury Still Out" on Whether Housing Bottom Near
  Economist Says U.S. recovery Unlikely Before 2009
  RBC CASH Index Says U.S. Consumers Feeling Better on All Fronts
  Quarterly Revenue Survey Shows Broad Advances in Q2
  Economists Say Initial Claims Suggest Jobs Market to Stay Weak for Months
  U.S. Trade Deficit Surges to $62.2 Billion in July
  Initial Jobless Claims Fall Back Slightly to 445k
  Thursday's Events: U.S. Jobless Claims, Import Prices; U.S. & Cdn Trade Balance
  Fed Funds Futures Price in 17.5% Chance of a Rate Cut for Year-End
  Mortgage Rates Decline Over Labor Day Week but Real News Should Come this Week
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Up in Week Ending September 5
  Wednesday's Events: Canadian Labour Prod; DOE Oil; ECB's Weber
  S&P Puts Lehman on Watch for Downgrade
  Decline in U.S. Pending Home Sales Fail to Suggest a Bottom, Economists Say
  Treasuries Rally and Stocks Decline as Lehman Shares Tumble
  White House Says Bailout Plan is the Right Move at the Right Time
  Experts Moderate Initial Enthusiasm for GSE Takeover
  Pending Home Sales Falls 3.2% in July
  IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index Improves for Second Month
  Bernanke Avoids Monetary Policy in Speech on Afro-American Education
  IMF's Lipsky Sees Global Economic Recovery Coming in 2009
  Preview: July Pending Home Sales Expected to Retrace from June Bounce
  Tuesday's Events: Canadian Housing Starts & U.S. Pending Home Sales
  Sharp Decline in Mortgage Rates Sparks Treasuries Rally
  Reactions to U.S. GSE Takeover Range from Strong Support to Taxpayer Worries
  Economists Pleased with Government Takeover of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
  $1.5 Trillion of Fannie and Freddie Default Swaps to be Unwound
  Treasury Department Announces GSE Conservatorship
  What's Priced in: Current Market Expectations for Future Monetary Policy
  Treasury's Paulson Touts Fannie and Freddie Bailout Plan on Media Round
  U.S. Government Announces Takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  Fed Supports Govt Decision of FF Takover Says Bernanke
  The Week Ahead: U.S. PPI and Retail Sales
  Mortgage Delinquency Rate Hits 29-Year High in Second Quarter of 2008
  Study Says U.S. 'Housing Bubble Has Popped'
  Friday's Events: U.S. & Canadian Employment Reports; Ivey PMI
  August Nonfarm Payrolls Decline 84k, Unemployment Rate at 6.1%
  Fed's Fisher Says Inflation Might Not Moderate
  $7,500 Tax Credit Now Available to First-Time Home Buyers
  Thursday's Events: ECB & BOE Rates, ADP Employment, ISM Services, Fed-Speak
  Initial Jobless Claims Rise to 444k
  Economists Say Fed's Beige Book is Downbeat, but No Regions in Outright Decline
  Mortgage Rates are Mixed, but ARMs Nearly Disappear as Factor in Financing
  CME Group Volumes Fell 32% in August
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Up in Week Ending September 3
  Wednesday's Events: BOC Rates; U.S. Factory Orders & Beige Book
  Radar Logic Survey Says U.S. Housing Sector Will Weaken in 2009, Recover in 2011
  Korean Development Bank in Talks to Buy Stake in Lehman
  Construction Spending Drops in July
  What's Priced in: Current Market Expectations for Future Monetary Policy
  Tuesday's Events: EU PPI, UK Consumer Confidence, U.S. ISM Mfg Report
  Fed's Hoenig Says Fed's Response to Crisis Makes Price Stability Difficult
  Fed's Kroszner Says Credit Turmoil Impairing Emerging Markets
  PCE Report Points to Weak Third Quarter, Economists Say
  Upward Revision to U.S. Q2 GDP Due to Exports and Tax Rebates
  Q2 Preliminary U.S. GDP Revised Up to 3.3%
  Thursday's Events: U.S. Prelim GDP, Jobless Claims
  Bankruptcy Filings Near 1 Million Mark, Up 29% on the Year
  Mortgage Rates Drop Slightly but Loan Applications Way Down from 2007 Levels
  FDIC's Problem Bank List Continues to Grow
  Wednesday's Events: German Inflation Data; U.S. Durable Goods, Oil Inventories
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Down in Week Ending August 22
  Fed's Lockhart Says House Prices May Fall Another 15%
  Meeting Minutes Say FOMC's Stance Remains Neutral
  Lower Gas Prices Drove Rebound in U.S. Consumer Confidence Survey
  Some Economists Find "Cheery Quality" to U.S. New Homes Sales Report
  Freddie and Fannie Buck Market Trend
  Consumer Confidence Improves to 56.9 in August
  U.S. House Prices Flat in June, Says OFHEO
  New Home Sales Rise, but Downward Revisions to Prior Data
  Fed's Fisher Says Growth Could Go Negative, but Focus Remains on Inflation
  Case-Shiller U.S. Home Price Index Declines by 15.4% in Q2
  The Day Ahead: U.S. July New Home Sales, FOMC Minutes
  Existing Home Sales Don't Signal Market Normalization, Economists Say
  Existing Home Sales Rise 3.1% to 5.00 Million in July
  The Week Ahead: U.S. Housing Sales, Case-Shiller Home Prices
  Jackson Hole "Didn't Settle a Whole Lot"
  Fed's Plosser Could Vote for Rate Hikes, New York Times Reports
  Warren Buffet Says U.S. Economy Could be Worse off in Five Months
  Friday's Events: Fed's Bernanke to Speak on Financial Stability
  What's Priced In: Current Market Expectations for Future Monetary Policy
  U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Fall Back to 432k
  Thursday's Events: U.S. Jobless Claims, Philly Fed
  Fed's Stern Says Now Not "Appropriate Time" to Close Fannie, Freddie
  Expect Two More 'Waves' of U.S. Foreclosures, Economist Warns
  Commercial Real Estate Prices Down for Fourth Straight Month, Moody's Says
  In Face of Conflicting Economic Reports, Interest Rates Stand Pat
  NAR Commercial Leading Indicator Weakens, Projecting Further Declines
  Wednesday's Events: Cdn Retail Sales; BOC to Sell Two-Year Note; DOE Oil Inventories
  More Negative Press for Fannie and Freddie
  Fed's Lacker Says Rate Hike Should Come Sooner Rather than Later
  Fed's Fisher Says FOMC Cannot Risk Credibility, Must Act if Inflation Continues
  Soft Freddie Mac 5-Year Auction Shows Credit Worries
  Weakening Economy Favours Obama Win, Economists Say
  Drop in U.S. Housing Starts Due to Inflated June Figure, but Trend Still Downward
  Tuesday's Events: PPI, Housing Starts and Building Permits
  July All-Items PPI Soars 1.2%, Core up 0.7% M/M
  U.S. Housing Starts Fall 11% in July
  Foreclosures Loom as Possible Public Health Menace
  NAHB Builder Confidence Remains at Record Low in August
  Still No End in Sight for Falling U.S. House Prices, Says Scotiabank Report
  Monday's Events: Cdn Securities Transactions and Travel; U.S. NAHB Housing Index
  Fed Fund Futures Expect Slim Chance of Rate Hike in Near-Term
  Alan Greenspan Sees Housing Prices Sort of Hitting Bottom in mid-2009
  Fed's Evans Said U.S. Economy Faces Three-Front Battle
  Economists Dismiss Boost in U.S. Industrial Production Report
  U of Michigan Reuters Consumer Sentiment Improves Half a Point in August
  Fed's Stern Says 1990s Recession Offers Valuable Guide to Current Turmoil
  Metropolitan Home Prices Decline Nearly 8% in Q2, Sales at 10-year Low
  Foreclosures Continue To Climb in July, Says Realty Trac Report
  July Core CPI Up 0.3% as Total Inflation Rises 0.8%
  Fixed Income Futures Rise on Weekly Jobless Claims
  Rates Remain Mostly Flat while Mortgage Applications Lag, Hitting Four Year Low
  MBA Mortgage Applications Decline in Week Ending Aug. 8
  Wednesday's Events: U.S. Advance Retail Sales, Business Inventories
  Central Bank Watch: Banks in Wait-and-See Mode, Some Moves Expected by Year End
  Fed's Stern Says Inflation Outlook Has Improved
  One Quarter of U.S. Homes Sold in Past Year Were at a Loss, Report Says
  Will Vacant Retail Space Fuel the Next Real Estate Bust?
  Freddie To Stop Buying New York State Subprime Mortgages
  U.S. Trade Deficit Expected to Boost Q2 GDP
  What's Priced In: Current Market Expectations for Future Monetary Policy
  Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Shrinks to $56.8 Billion in June
  Tuesday's Events: U.S. Trade Balance, Canadian International Trade
  Fed's Q2 Senior Loan Officer Survey Shows Banks Expect Tighter Credit
  Monday's Events: Cdn House Prices, Housing Starts; Fed Senior Officer Loans Survey
  Paulson Says No Plans to Inject Capital Into Freddie, Fannie
  The Week Ahead Canada & U.S.: U.S. CPI, Retail Sales and Consumer Sentiment
  Dollar Continues Broad-Based Climb Against Euro, Majors
  Friday's Events: Canadian Employment; U.S. Unit Labour Costs & Nonfarm Prod
  Fed Funds Price Out Rate Hikes Following ECB Hold on Rates
  Consumer Credit Rises Above Forecast in June
  Canadians Top List of Foreign Buyers of U.S. Property, NAR Says
  Not-so-Happy Credit Squeeze Milestone
  Citigroup Ordered to Buy Back up to $20 Billion in Auction-Rate Securities
  Foreclosed Home Sales Likely Driving Up U.S. Pending Home Sales
  Pending Home Sales Rebound 5.3% in June
  Thursday's Events: BOE, ECB Rates; CA Building Permits; U.S. Jobless Claims
  Initial Jobless Claims are "Useless" Due to Distortion, Economist Says
  Preview: Pending Home Sales Index to Slow its Decline in June
  Freddie Mac Announces Huge Second Quarter Losses
  U.S. Treasury Hires Morgan Stanley to Conduct Review of Fannie and Freddie
  Wednesday's Events: Cnd Ivey PMI, DOE Oil Inventories, Tsy Sells 10-Year Notes
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Higher in Week Ending August 1
  FOMC Holds Target Rate at 2.00%, Says Inflation Outlook "Highly Uncertain"
  FOMC Statement Preview: Economists Looking for Neutral Outlook from the Fed
  Tuesday's Events: ISM Non-Manufacturing, FOMC Rate Decision
  Weekly Retail Sales Soar Y/Y in ICSC-UBS and Redbook Surveys
  Elizabeth Duke Sworn in to FOMC Hours Ahead of Rate Decision
  Fed Watch: FOMC's Window of Opportunity for Rate Hike Now Closed
  Challenger Says Planned U.S. Job Cuts Up 140.8% From Last Year
  Economists Say U.S. PCE Core Deflator Adds to Hawkish View
  Tax Maven Warns of Problems with New Housing Bill
  Former Fed's Poole Says Nonfarm Report Was "Marginal Surprise"
  U.S. July Nonfarm Payrolls Decline 51k, Unemployment Rate Up to 5.7%
  Greenspan Says Regulator Role Will Undermine Fed's Credibility
  A Loaf of Bread for Z$200 Billion? Now That's Inflation
  TSY's Paulson Says Stimulus Has Helped U.S. Economy
  Freddie Mac Doubles Financial Incentives to Servicers Who Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure
  After Weak U.S. Second-Quarter GDP, Economists Say Worse to Come
  Chicago Business Barometer Bounces into Growth, Prices at 28-Year High
  GDP Rises 1.9% in Q2, Revisions Include Negative Quarter in Q4 2007
  Preview: Second Quarter GDP Expected to Post 2.3% Growth
  CIBC's Rubin Sees U.S. Inflation Hitting 6%
  Hope Now Alliance Saves 1.9 Million Homes From Foreclosure
  New 2008 Highs for Mortgage Rates
  The Home Equity ATM Machine Slows in First Half of 2008
  SEC Extends Rule Limiting Short Selling Until August 12
  Economist Calls U.S. ADP Employment Report "Grossly Over-Optimistic"
  Fed to Conduct Liquidity Operations Through January 2009, Introduces 84-Day TAF
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Down in Week Ending July 25
  Wednesday's Events: ADP Employment, Cdn Five-Year Bond Auction, DOE Oil
  Are Rumors Rather than Reality Feeding Market Behavior?
  U.S. Consumer Confidence Improves to 51.9 in July
  Tuesday's Events: U.S. Consumer Confidence, S&P/CS House Prices
  Case-Shiller U.S. Home Price Index Declines by Record Annual Levels in May
  U.S. Treasury Will Borrow Record Amount for Second Fiscal Quarter
  Paulson Encourages Covered Bond Market to Increase Mortgage Financing
  White House Revises 2008, 2009 Budget Deficit
  IMF Global Financial Stability Update Says Markets Remain Fragile
  U.S. Dollar Under Downward Pressure to Start Week
  Fed's Stern Says Credit Crunch to Last Longer, Could Get Worse
  U.S. Housing Bill Goes to President's Desk
  Revisions Boost New Home Sales, Suggest Stabilization, Economists Say
  New Home Sales Higher than Expected Due to Revisions in May, April
  Final University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Reports Surprise Upward Revision
  Foreclosures Spike by 121% from Previous Year, Says Report from RealtyTrac
  Preview: New Home Sales Likely Fell Again in June
  Friday's Events: U.S. Durable Goods, U of M Consumer Sentiment, New Home Sales
  Felons Can't Vote in Florida but are Free to Fleece the Public
  New York Sues UBS Over Auction Rate Securities
  NY Fed's Geithner Says Judgment on Regulatory Bill Should Be Held
  No End in Sight for Housing Market
  Second Quarter Vacancy Rates Slip from Previous Quarter
  SEC Chairman Cox Wants More Regulatory Authority Over Investment Banks
  Thursday's Events: U.S. Jobless Claims, Existing Home Sales, Fed's Geithner
  Treasury Secretary Paulson Pleased Housing Bill Passed House Quickly
  Soaring U.S. Jobless Claims Viewed as Reliable Indicator of Weak Labour Market
  Existing Home Sales Fall 2.6% to 4.86 Million in June
  Plosser Says Rate Hike is Inevitable Even if Housing Prices Continue to Fall
  U.S. Fed's Beige Book is Downbeat, But Few Surprises
  Treasury's Paulson Says it Was Easy to Recommend President Sign Housing Bill
  Mortgage Rates Fall in Response to Speculation about Overnight Bank Rates
  Preview: Fed's Beige Book to Confirm Broad-Based Softness in Economy
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Down in Week Ending July 18
  Wednesday's Events: Canadian CPI, DOE Oil, Fed's Beige Book
  Fed Discount Meeting Minutes See Fed Majority Take a Wait-and-See Approach
  House Prices Falls Less Than Expected in May, According to OFHEO
  Banks, Trade Groups Say that SEC Order Does Not Go Far Enough
  Tuesday's Events: OFHEO Housing Index; Fed's Plosser
  Fed's Plosser Calls for a Reversal in Monetary Policy
  Tsy Secretary Paulson Says Fannie and Freddie Vital to Financial System
  Treasury's Ryan Expects GSE Legislation to Pass Soon
  Fed Watch: Bernanke Testimony Focuses on Growth, FOMC Minutes Released
  Could FDIC also be a "Predatory lender?"
  The Week Ahead: U.S. Housing Data and Canadian Inflation
  Scotiabank Says Measures Will Not Prevent U.S. Economic Slowdown
  Treasury Secretary Paulson Campaigns for GSE Bailout Plan
  Fed's Stern Says Fed Can't Wait for End of Crisis to Raise Rates
  Bad News is Good News as Market Reacts to Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Earnings
  Thursday's Events: BOC MPC Report, U.S. Jobless Claims, Philly Fed Mfg Report
  U.S. Jobless Claims Rise to 366K in Week Ending July 12
  U.S. Housing Starts and Building Permits Soar in June
  Fed's Kroszner Says Fed Rules Will Affect Subprime and Alternative Mortgages
  Higher U.S. CPI, FOMC Minutes Lead to Greater Chance of Rate Hike
  Preview: Housing Starts Expected to Drop 15k in June
  Fed Minutes Say Next Move Could Be Higher Funds Rate
  NAHB Builder Confidence Reaches New Historic Low at 16
  Wednesday's Events: Bernanke Part II, U.S. CPI, DOE Oil, Cnd Mfg Shipments
  U.S. June Core CPI Up 0.3% as Total Inflation Surges 1.1%
  Despite Market Turmoil, Mortgage Rates Remain Becalmed
  Paulson Says GSEs Need a Strong Regulator
  U.S. President Bush Asks Congress to Do More
  Bernanke Says Housing Crisis is Central Issue to Economy
  Bernanke says U.S. Economy is Facing Numerous Challenges
  Economists Call Core Inflation 'Tame' Despite Soaring Energy Prices
  June All-Items PPI Soars 1.8%, Core Contained at 0.2%
  Bernanke Expected to Focus on Inflation at Semi-Annual Testimony
  Tuesday's Events: Bernanke's Semi-Annual Testimony, PPI
  Bold, Creative, Aggressive Policy Action Needed for GSEs to Survive
  Preview: Inflation Focus at Bernanke's Semi-Annual Testimony, Say Experts
  Fed is Moving into Consumer Protection Role on Mortgages
  Regulators Hasten to Assure Depositors that their Money is Secure as IndyMac is put into Receivership
  Action-Packed Week for U.S. and Canadian Markets
  Paulson and Bernanke Come to the Rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  Treasury's Paulson Says Goal Is to Back Fannie & Freddie in "Current Form"
  Government Considering a Fannie Freddie Takeover
  U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentument Rebounds for First Time Since January
  U.S. Trade Deficit Unexpectedly Shrinks to -$59.8 Billion
  Friday's Events: Canadian Employment Report, U.S. & Canadian Trade Data
  U.S. Foreclosure Rates Decline in June, Says Realtytrac
  Are Freddie and Fannie Insolvent?
  Paulson Says Firms Should Be Allowed to Fail
  Bernanke Calls for Consolidated Supervision of Banks
  Thursday's Events: U.S. Jobless Claims, Fed's Yellen, ECB's Trichet
  U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 346K in Week Ending July 5
  Ex-Fed President Says Fannie and Freddie 'Insolvent'
  Former Fed Official Calls for Abandoning Focus on Core Inflation in Medium-Term
  Fed Funds Shift Slightly, Still Maintain Rate Hike Likely
  IndyMac Faces Bank "Run"
  Fed Report on Inflation Prompts Moderation in Interest Rates
  Wednesday's Events: DOE Crude Oil, Mortgage Applications
  MBA Mortgage Applications Move Higher in Week Ending July 4
  Treasury's Paulson Says Fresh Capital Will Strengthen GSEs
  Fed's Lacker Sees Economic Growth Accelerating in 2009
  Inflation Concerns Rise Among U.S. Small Business Owners in June
  Expect Pending Home Sales to Keep Falling, Economists Say
  Battered GSE Stocks Recover Slightly in Early Tuesday Trading
  U.S. Pending Home Sales Fall 4.7% in May
  U.S. May Wholesale Inventories Just Above Forecasts
  Bernanke Says Fed May Extend Lending Access to 2009
  IndyMac Joins Roster of Banks to Fold its Mortgage "Tent."
  Tuesday's Events.: Bernanke & Lacker Speak, U.S. Pending Home Sales
  SEC and Federal Reserve Agree to Improve Information Sharing
  Improve Business By Becoming Green Certified
  Fed's Yellen Says Markets "May Get Worse Before They Get Better"
  Economists Divided on Direction of Economy, Inflation
  The Week Ahead
  American Cities See Record Annual Foreclosure Rate Increases in Q2
  U.S. June Nonfarm Payrolls Decline 62k, Unemployment Rate Remains at 5.5%
  Fed's Mishkin Says Fed Wants to Contain Inflation Expectations
  Central Bank Watch: Market Attention Shifts to ECB - Finally Time to Hike?
  Mortgage Rates Mark Time Waiting for Federal Action
  Wednesday's Events: U.S. Employment Data Ahead of Nonfarm Payrolls Thursday
  After ADP, Markets Expect Lower Consensus for Nonfarm Payrolls
  CIT Group Sells Off its Last Home Related Business Interests
  Will Lehman Brothers Survive Another Round of Rumors?
  ISM Manufacturing Halts Four Months of Declines, Rebounds to 50.2
  U. S. Construction Spending Drops Further in May
  MBA Says Home Construction Loan Delinquency Rate Misleading
  MICA Reports Continued Problems for U.S. Homeowners
  Tuesday Events: U.S. Retail Sales, U.S. Construction Spending, US ISM Index
  Is Any Company Safe from Subprime Related Lawsuits?
  Treasury's Paulson Says Fed's Role Must be as a Stabilizer
  Dallas Fed Mfg Index Declines in June
  Chicago Business Barometer Approaches Growth Levels at 49.6 in June
  Monday's Events: Canadian GDP, ISM Chicago PMI, ECB's Constancio
  Fed Minutes Says Bear Stearns Actions, Primary Lending Facility Necessary
  May PCE Core Deflator Rises Lower-Than-Expected at 0.1%
  Friday's Events: U.S. Core PCE, Personal Income and Spending, Cnd IPPI & RPI
  And Yet the Sale of Countrywide is Going to Happen
  Fed Creates Two New Entities for Risk Management and Communication
  Condo Sales Main Driver of 2.0% Rise in U.S. Existing Home Sales
  Soaring Gas Price Will Push Millions Off the Road, Says CIBC Report
  U.S. Existing Home Sales Rise 2.0% to 4.99 Million in May
  Higher Jobless Claims Data Indicate Job Market Deterioration, Economists Say
  Thursday's Events: Final US Q1 GDP, Initial Jobless Claims, U.S. Existing Home Sales
  FOMC Holds Target Rate at 2.00%, Cites Uncertainty in Inflation Outlook
  New Homes Sales Continue to Fall, Down 2.5% in May
  Mortgage Rates Continue to Set New 2008 Records, Applications Fall
  Wednesday's Events: FOMC Rate Decision, U.S. New Home Sales, Durable Goods
  Durable Goods Excluding Transport Falls in Line with Expectations in May
  MBA Mortgage Applications Decline in Week Ending June 20
  Treasury's Ryan Says Financial System Should Allow Banks to Fail
  Consumer Confidence Plummets to Lowest Level Since 1992
  U.S. House Prices Fall 0.8% Month-Over-Month in April, Says OFHEO
  FOMC to Hold Interest Rates at 2.00%, Markets to Focus on Statement
  Greenspan Says Turmoil Could Last for Some Time
  U.S. Treasury's Paulson Says Housing Remains Biggest Challenge
  Case Shiller Home Price Index Declines by Record Annual Levels in April
  Tuesday's Events: Case-Shiller and OFHEO Home Prices, Rich. Fed Mfg, Alan Greenspan
  Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Expands to 14 States
  Treasury's Steel Says De-Leveraging, Re-Pricing of Risk to Continue
  Chicago Fed National Activity Index Improves in May
  Monday's Events: Chicago Fed National Activity
  Operation Malicious Mortgage Yields 400 Arrests
  The Day Ahead: Cdn Retail Sales; U.S. Senator McCain in Ottawa
  Treasury's Paulson Says More Liquidity to Financial Institutions to Come
  Fed Must Protect the Markets from Relapse, Kohn Says
  Philadelphia Fed's June Manufacturing Falls to -17.1
  Economists Divided on Whether Jobless Claims Signal Recessionary Data
  Thursday's Events: UI Claims, Philly Fed Mfg
  Long-Term Interest Rates Hit Highest Point since Last October
  MBA Mortgage Applications Decline in Week Ending June 13
  Wednesday's Events: Central Bank Watch and DOE Inventories
  The Fed Won't Hike at Upcoming Meeting, WSJ and FT Say
  NAHB Green Building Legislation Offers Incentives to Lenders
  U.S. Housing Market Bottom Not Yet in Sight, Say Economists
  U.S. Housing Starts and Building Permits Decline in May
  U.S. Builder Confidence Matches Historic Low at 18
  Two Senators Appear to be "Friends of Countrywide"
  Washington Post Sources Say Bernanke has no Plans for Rate Hikes
  Monday's Events: Lehman, Cnd New Vehicle Sales, Empire Mfg Index, Fed's Bernanke
  Greenspan Says Recovery Still Months Away
  Annual Home Foreclosures Soared by 48% in May, Says Report
  Friday's Events: U.S. CPI, Michigan Sentiment; Greenspan Speaks
  Economists Speculate on Fed's Monetary Policy Following CPI Report
  Go Green With Your Real Estate Marketing
  Fed's Plosser Calls Inflation Threat "Serious" and "An Insidious Tax on Consumers"
  Lehman Brothers CFO and COO Resign With Stock Down 32% in a Week
  U.S. Fed's Beige Book Says Economy "Generally Weak" With 7 Districts Slowing
  Fed's Kroszner Says Disclosures Might Not Be Enough
  Wednesday's Events: Fed's Beige Book, Fed & ECB Speakers, Canadian Q1 Cap. U.
  MBA Mortgage Applications Fall in Week Ending June 6
  Most Mortgage Rates were Stagnant While Application Volume Increased
  Preview: Fed's Beige Book to Confirm Broad-Based Softness in Economy
  American Express Survey Shows Companies to Focus on Growth and Expenses
  Paulson Says Main Message to G8 Will Be Strong U.S. Economy to Reflect in USD
  Fed's Fisher Says He Does Not Push For Higher Rates
  Tuesday's Events: Bank of Canada Rate Decision, Trade Data for U.S. & Canada
  Former Fed Chairman Volcker Says U.S. Undergoing Political and Economic "Shakeup"
  U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson Says Fundamentals of Economy Favourable
  Fed's Geithner Calls on Unified Supervision of Banks and Wall Street
  Increase in U.S. Pending Home Sales Related to Foreclosures, Economist Says
  Lenders Facing Another Wave of Write-Offs
  U.S. Policy-Makers Concerned About ECB Hawkishness, FT Says
  Central Bank Watch: Bernanke, Trichet Comments Rile Markets
  Lehman Plans to Raise $6 Billion After $2.8 Billion Quarterly Loss
  Monday's Events: U.S. Pending Home Sales
  St. Louis Fed President Bullard Recommends Holding Off Further Rate Cuts
  Just One Little House, but a Good Indicator of Foreclosed Properties Nationwide
  Friday's Events: U.S. & Canadian Employment Reports, Fed-Speak
  Fed's Kroszner Says U.S. Housing to Recover "Gradually"
  S&P Downgrades MBIA and Ambac to Double-A
  Fed's Plosser Says Central Banks Must Exercise Caution as Lenders of Last Resort
  Fed Vice Chairman Warns Institutions to Review Risk in Financial Transactions
  Fed's Lacker Says Fed Should Identify Boundaries on Lending
  Fed's Kohn Tells Banks to Strengthen Reserves
  Mortgage Delinquency Rate Hits 29-Year High in First Quarter
  Thursday's Events: BOE, ECB Rates; U.S. Jobless Claims, Fed-Speak, Cdn Ivey PMI
  Fed's Bernanke Sees Inflation Risk Rising
  Moody's Puts Ambac and MBIA on Review for Ratings Downgrade
  AG Cuomo May Have Reached Agreement with Credit Agencies
  Long-Term Interest Rates Higher While Mortgage Applications Continue to Slide
  Weekly Mortgage Applications Decline Further
  Wednesday's Events: ADP Employment, ISM Services, Fed's Bernanke
  Central Bank Leaders Prepared to Face Upside Inflation Risks
  Global Survey Finds Credit Crunch Defaults Expected to Peak in 2008
  Casualties on Wall Street Continue to Rise
  U.S. Factory Orders Surprise to the Upside, Rise 1.1% in April
  Bernanke Says Fed "Attentive" to U.S. Dollar Slide
  Tuesday's Events: Bernanke, Factory Orders
  Foreclosures Cost Lenders, Homeowners, the Community, and You Big Bucks
  Fed's Lockhart Says Economy Still Faces Uncertainty - Too Soon to "Breathe Easy"
  Economists Divided on Implications of U.S. ISM Manufacturing Index
  President Bush Calls for Permanent Tax Cuts
  Central Bank Watch: Week of Rate Decisions Ahead, No Changes Expected
  U. S. Construction Spending Falls in April
  Monday's Events: ISM Mfg, ECB's Trichet
  Fed's Rosengren Says Housing Still Adding "Significant Uncertainty" to Economy
  U.S. Personal Spending Report Allows Fed to Pause Rate Cuts, Economists Say
  Fed's Kohn Says Financial Regulations Should Be Strengthened
  Friday's Events: Core PCE, Chicago PMI
  Fed to Conclude Bear Stearns and JPMorgan Arrangements by June 26
  Dallas Fed's Fisher Expects Rate Hike Despite Slowing Growth
  Thursday's Events: U.S. Q1 Prelim GDP, Jobless Claims, Top FOMC-Speak
  Fed's Stern Says Inflation Expectations Based on How Fed Raises Rates
  Fed Governor Mishkin Resigns Post
  NAR and DOJ Reach 10-Year Settlement of MLS Anti-Trust Suit
  Lenders Facing Repurchase Demands from Investors
  Economist Calls April U.S. Durable Goods Report "Awfully Strong"
  Economic News Impacts Both Short- and Long-Term Rates; Applications Drop
  U.S. Treasury's Steel Calls for More Financial Education
  Weekly Mortgage Applications Decline 4.6%
  Wednesday's Events: U.S. Durable Goods, Fed Speakers, Mortgage Applications
  Meeting Minutes Say FOMC to Maintain Discount Rate to Slow Inflation
  Reader Offers Simple Plan to End Foreclosure Turmoil
  Fed's Yellen Says Current Rates "Appropriate" to Stimulate Growth
  Tuesday's Events: U.S. S&P/CS, New Home Sales, Cons Conf; Cdn Emp Insurance
  U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls to 16-Year Low
  Former Fed Chairman Greenspan Says Chance Of Recession Still Above 50%
  U.S. New Home Sales Rise 3.3% in April after March Revision
  Case-Shiller Home Price Index Tumbles Further in March and Q1
  Existing Home Sales Fall Less Than Analysts Had Predicted
  Friday's Events: U.S. Existing Home Sales, Memorial Day Weekend
  Treasury's Paulson Sees End in Sight for U.S. Credit Crunch
  Preview: April Existing Home Sales Expected to Decline to 4.85 Million
  OFHEO U.S. Housing Price Index Posts Largest Quarterly Decline on Record
  Thursday's Events: U.S. Jobless Claims
  Fed's Kroszner says Stronger Banking Regulation Will Aid Mortgage Recovery
  Meeting Minutes Say FOMC Doesn't Want to Ease Even if U.S. Growth Slows
  Hurricane Coverage May Also Fall Victim to Credit Crunch
  Fed's Warsh Urges Policy Makers to Focus on Inflation
  Interest Rates Still Moving Within a Narrow Range; Applications Down
  Wednesday's Events: FOMC Minutes, DOE Oil Inventories
  MBA Mortgage Applications Fall 7.8% in Week Ending May 16
  Economists Look to FOMC Minutes for Rate Direction
  Greenspan Says Inflation Not Yet Out of Control
  Senate Nears Accord on its Version of Housing Rescue Bill
  Fed's Kohn Says U.S. Economy to Grow in Second Half of 2008, Expects Lower Inflation
  Tuesday's Events: U.S. Producer Prices, Fed's Kohn, Cdn Wholesales
  The Housing Bust is Over
  U.S. Leading Economic Index Rises 0.1% in April
  The Week Ahead: Retail Sales and FOMC Minutes
  Atlanta Fed's Lockhart Says U.S. Slowdown to Have Global Impact
  Rise in Housing Starts Unlikely to Begin a New Trend
  Housing Starts Take a Small but Encouraging Jump in April
  Consumer Sentiment Unaffected by Tax Rebates
  Industrial Production Consistent with Recessionary Levels, Economists Say
  Bernanke Urges Firms to Raise More Capital
  Investment Banks Need to Be Regulated
  Core CPI Gives Fed Green Light to Cut, Economist Says
  Banks Show Elevated Reluctance To Lend
  MBA Mortgage Applications Climbs 2.9%
  Results from Piecemeal Housing Plans Leave Doubts About Effectiveness
  Dallas Fed Head Fisher Warns that Slowdown Will Be Prolonged but Not Very Deep
  Fed's Lockhart Sees Fragile Credit Conditions in U.S.
  Bernanke: Financial Market Conditions "Far From Normal"
  A Blockbuster Week for Data
  New Fannie Mae Program May Benefit 150,000 Homeowners
  House Passes Second Half of Housing Rescue Plan Despite Veto Threat
  Bill to Aid Communities Cope With Aftermath of Foreclosure Passes House
  Fed, FTC Propose New Rules on Lenders
  Economists Divided on What Jobless Claims Say About the Labor Market
  Consumer Credit Rises Well Above Forecasts in February
  Deterioration in Pending Home Sales Confirms Broader Trend, Economists Say
  Mortgage Rates Continue Pattern of Last Few Weeks - Little Movement
  Kansas Fed's Hoenig Concerned Inflation May Prompt Interest Rate Hike
  Jump in Mortgage Foreclosures is "Urgent Problem"
  MBA Weekly U.S. Mortgage Applications Bounce Up 15.6%
  Doubting the Viability of Fannie Mae
  Fed's Q1 Senior Loan Officer Survey Shows Broad Tightening of Loan Standards
  Foreclosures Must Be Averted for Sake of Economy
  Fannie Mae Reports Larger-Than-Expected Losses in Q1
  Task Force May Widen Federal and State Investigation into Mortgage Irregularities
  U.S. Treasury's Swagel Says U.S. Economy in Slowdown Not Recession
  House Committee Aproves FHA "Short Pay" Loans
  U.S. Treasury's Ryan Sees Increasing Failed Trades in Treasuries
  Fed's Bernanke Says Impossible to Tell When Markets Will Normalize
  Not Many Positives Coming Out of Jumbo Market Changes
  U.S. Construction Spending Falls 1.1% in March
  FOMC Cuts Target by 25 Bps to 2.00%, Says Economic Activity "Remains Weak"
  Inflation Fears Cast Shadow on Mortgage Rates and Applications Decline
  Zillow, Always Creative, Puts a New Twist on Mortgage Lead Generation
  Pimco's Gross Warns that Further U.S. Housing Declines Could Be "Ruinous"
  Another Loss for Countrywide as Bank of America Plans for Future
  Consumer Confidence Falls Less Than Expected in April
  Treasury Secretary Paulson Sees No Need for Second Stimulus Package
  Case-Shiller Home Price Index Slides in February
  Treasury Undersecretary Steel Sees Good Progress in Economic Recovery, Housing
  First Quarter Vacancy Rates Rise Half a Percentage from Previous Quarter
  Wachovia Settles One Suit, Confronts Money Laundering Charges
  U.S. M1 and M2 Money Supplies Fall in Week Ending April 14
  U.S. New Homes Sales Plummet 8.5% in March to Lowest Level Since 1991
  Wall Street Journal's Greg Ip Says Fed May Take "Breather" After Cut Next Week
  Preview: Further Deterioration Expected in New Home Sales
  Mortgages Rates, Loan Applications Remain Mostly in Doldrums
  Existing Home Sales Decline 2.0% in March
  Home Prices Rose 0.6% in February, OFHEO Reports
  Preview: OFHEO Purchase-Only House Price Index to Decline in February
  Existing Home Sales to Fall Below 5 Million in March
  Former Fannie Mae Execs Consent to Multi-Million Dollar Penalties
  The Week Ahead: U.S. Housing Sales
  Citigroup Announces $5.1 Billion Loss in First Quarter
  Housing Slump May Affect More Banks, Says Rosengren
  NAHB Calls for Secondary Market for Construction Loans
  Vacation and Investment Property Sales Strong Despite Market Troubles
  Fed's Fisher Maintains "Strong Reluctance" About Further Rate Cuts
  Treasury Curve Steepens as Fed Cuts Priced Out
  Fed to Make New Credit Card Proposal, Says Braunstein
  Merrill Lynch Reports First-Quarter Loss, Planned Job Cuts
  Renters also May Not Find Decent and Affordable Housing
  U.S. Initial Claims Rise 17k to 372k, Continuing Claims Gain
  U.S. Fed's Beige Book Reports Economic Conditions Weakened Since February
  Another Bad Month for Census Report on Permits, Housing Starts
  Mortgage Rates, Application Volume Show Little Movement for Week
  U.S. Regional Banks Favoured Less Action Prior to Bear Stearns Rescue
  NAHB Housing Market Index Unchanged From March and February
  OFHEO Says Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Made Considerable Progress
  Bear Stearns Snatches Last-Gasp First Quarter Profit, Faces Multiple Probes
  Market Recovery to Take Time, Says Fed's Warsh
  Tuesday's Events: U.S. PPI, Empire Fed Mfg, NAHB Housing Market Index
  PPI Rises More than Expected, Up 1.1% in March
  Wachovia Announces Losses and Capital Acquisition
  Upside Surprise to U.S. Retail Sales Fails to Spur Optimism Among Economists
  Central Bank Watch: Week Saw Plenty of Rate Decisions but Few Surprises
  FHA Head Touts Expansion of FHASecure Program Over Proposed Legislation
  U.S. Consumer Sentiment Falls Further in April
  Fed to Examine Rules on Capital and Liquidity to Insulate Against Market Shocks
  Treasury Secretary Paulson Says Economy "Has Turned Down Sharply"
  U.S. Jobless Claims Down from Spike, but Trend is Still Up, Economists Say
  Fed's Fisher Says Rate Cuts Not Fully Passed on to Borrowers
  Capitol Hill Deals with Housing Problems in Several Venues
  Fed's Kroszner Says Foreclosures to Increase in '08, Urges FHA Modernization
  More Rate Cuts Could Be Necessary from the Fed, Says IMF
  MBA Mortgage Applications Rebound in First Week of April
  Mortgage Rates Drift During Most Recent Survey Week
  Some FOMC Members Saw Risk of "Prolonged and Severe" Downturn, Minutes Show
  WaMu Job Cuts, Closings and Wholesale Shutdown
  Pending Home Sales Fail to Indicate Housing Bottom
  IMF Says Total Losses from Financial Turmoil Could Reach $945 Billion
  Consumer Credit Rises Short of Forecasts in February
  FOMC Minutes to be Scrutinized Tomorrow
  Boston Fed's Rosengren Surprised Housing Market Hasn't Bounced
  Experts Divided on Pending Home Sales Despite Consensus for Decline
  Fed Announces Details of Next in Series of Liquidity Auctions
  Public Intervention Needed to Tackle Credit Crunch
  Greenspan Sees an Over-50% Chance of U.S. Recession
  The Week Ahead: April 7 - 11, 2008
  Senator Obama Lays out Housing Policy - Third in a Series
  Fed's Yellen Says Economic Growth Likely to Be Sluggish in 2008
  U.S. Investment Banks Borrow $10 Billion from Fed Discount Window
  Unemployment Up to 5.1%
  Federal Reserve Conducts $25 Billion TSLF Auction
  Fears of Bear Stearns Bankruptcy Fallout Prompted Fed Plan, Says Geithner
  Fed's Bernanke Defends Bear Sterns Rescue, 'Chaotic Unwinding' Avoided
  Senate ad hoc Committee Hammers out Housing Rescue Bill
  Fannie Mae Tightens Loan Criteria for Credit Scores
  Mortgage Rates Relatively Static While Application Volume Continues Down
  Central Bank Watch: Bernanke Warns of U.S. Contraction, RBA Holds Rate
  Hope Now's Successes May be Over Rated
  U.S. Mortgage Applications Drop 28.7%, Refinances Fall 38.1%
  Plenty More Subprime Fallout to Come, Says CIBC's Rubin
  Fed's Bernanke Defends Bear Stearns Bailout, Paints Glum Economic Picture
  The Day Ahead: ADP Employment Change, Fed's Bernanke Testifies
  New York Fed to Provide Nationwide U.S. Subprime, Alt-A Loan Data
  Senator Hillary Clinton's Housing Plan
  Lehman Brothers Stock Sale Sends Market Surging; UBS Still Writing Down
  Treasury's Levey Says Financial Information Critical in Combatting Terrorism
  U.S. Construction Spending Falls 0.3% in February
  HUD Secretary to Resign
  Massive Financial Regulatory Changes Proposed by Paulson
  Senator McCain Vows no Politics with Housing Crisis
  CPI, Retail Sales Contribute to Lower Long Term Rates
  Home Prices Continue 5-Month Decline According to New Report
  Some Good News Regarding Home Sales Comes in NAR Report
  Price for Bear Stearns Likely to Rise
  Why is Bear Stearns Trading Higher than the JP Morgan Offer Price?
  Sinking Mortgage Company Gets Lifeline from Lenders
  Most Mortgage Rates Increase During Wild Week in Financial Markets
  OFHEO Lowers Capital Requirements for GSEs to Improve Market Liquidity
  Housing Starts and Builder Confidence Surveys Released
  YSP Clarification
  Big Losses for PMI Company and HR Block Unloads Option One
  Federal Reserve Makes Three Big Weekend Moves
  Stockholders Socked as J.P. Morgan Acquires Bear Stearns in Weekend Rescue
  HUD Introduces New Good Faith Estimate and Proposes Other Changes to RESPA
  Paulson Releases Presidential Working Group Recommendations
  Mortgage Mess is Apparently Ready to Claim Two More Victims
  Mortgage Rates Mixed - Very Mixed - in Last Week's Reports
  Stop Paying Your Mortgage and Walk Away?
  Three Mortgage CEOs Spend a Day on the Congressional Hot Seat
  Still More Troubles for Countrywide
  Margin Calls Threaten Two Mortgage Companies/Investors
  HomeSaver Advance is the Latest Program to Assist Delinquent Homeowners
  Home Equity Hits New Low
  Pending Home Sales Index Points to a Slow Recovery
  WaMu Executives Will See Bonuses Protected from Financial Fallout
  Mortgage Rates Mixed in Freddie Mac, MBA Weekly Surveys
  Hope Now Alliance Reports Progress in Helping Homeowners
  Appraisal Reform Accord Reached By NY Attorney General and GSEs
  NAHB Puts its Economic Stimulus Ideas in Front of the Senate
  A Look at GSE 2007 Earnings; Ouch!
  Huge Changes May be Coming for Lenders and Appraisers
  Mortgage Rates and the Fed - Get it Straight !
  GSE Portfolio Caps to be Lifted March 1
  New Home Sales and Prices Continue Seemingly Endless Decline
  Mortgage Rates Back Up to January Levels
  Case Shiller, OFHEO Reports Add to the General Housing Gloom
  Are Programs Beginning to Slow Rate of Foreclosure Growth?
  Existing Home Sales and Prices Fall in January
  California to Retrain Laid-off Mortgage Workers
  Fixed-Rate Mortgages Were Pricier Last Week
  Builders Hold Back on New Construction but Some See Hope
  House Swaps - Not Just for Vacationers Anymore?
  Subprime Lawsuits Already Outpacing S&L Litigation
  Project Lifeline to Cover Nearly All Borrowers
  Another Attempt to Ameliorate the Housing Situation Proposed
  Mortgage Rates are Drifting and Applications Trend Down
  NAR Price Survey Shows House Prices Continuing To Increase In Many Areas
  Changes in Loan Limits Will Impact Few Home Buyers
  Buffet Offers Help to Bond Insurers
  Delinquent Homeowners Get a New "Lifeline"
  Two Changes in Tax Code May Benefit Some Homeowners
  Cash-Out Refi's Declining in Both Numbers and Amounts
  "Foreclosure Avalanche" Prompts Servicer Survey
  Mortgage Rates Reclaim Last Week's Declines
  Keeping Them Honest - Comparing 2007 Forecasts With Reality
  Many Mortgage Delinquents Still Unaware There Is Help
  MBIA Reports Record Losses While Connecticut Investigates
  Mortgage Rates Still Falling Hitting Four Year Low
  NAHB Urges Mix of Housing Measures To Stimulate Economy
  RealtyTrac Report Confirms Foreclosures Skyrocketing
  New Homes Sales for 2007 Post Record Decline
  Countrywide CEO Waives Massive Severance Package
  Existing Home Sales Drop Again
  Increased Loan Limts May Be Included In House Bill
  Mortgage Rates at 2.5 Year Low
  The Consumer Spending Problem Wall Street Doesn't See Coming
  Can Saving PMI Also Save the Economy? Cramer Thinks So
  Fed Slashes Interest Rates
  NAR Chimes in With an Economic Stimulus Wishlist
  MBA Touts Role in Helping Mortgage Borrowers
  Merrill Lynch Losses Near Top of Analysts Estimates
  Housing Permits and Starts Drop Sharply In December
  Survey Shows ARMs Diminishing in Appeal
  Mortgage Rates Plummet While Applications and Refinancing Increase
  Citigroup Announces Unprecidented Losses; Dividend Cut
  NAR Launches New Public Info Campaign To Counter Slump
  Bank of America to Buy Countrywide
  Fed Chair Promises "Substantive Additional Action" on Behalf of Economy
  Housing at Heart of Recession Fears
  Countrywide Reeling Again as Bankruptcy Rumors Fly
  Mortgage Applications Surge Into New Year
  Paulson Hints at Expansion of Rate Freeze Agenda
  Mortgage Regulatory System Now Operational
  FICO Speeds Rollout of New Product to Meet Lender Demands
  National City Job Cuts
  Mortgage Rates Not Far From Where They Started 2007
  New Home Sales Drop Again But Prices Fairly Stable
  Mortgage Applications Slow While Rates Are Mixed
  Widely Regarded Housing Study Reports Further Home Price Declines
  ARM Freeze Yields Solution To All World Problems
  Treasury Secretary Advocates GSE Assistance for High-End Borrowers
  Foreclosure Filing Up 68 Percent Since November 2006 Per RealtyTrac
  Two Advocacy Groups Express Different Views on FRB Proposals
  Mortgage Rates Rise While Application Activity Plummets
  Morgan Stanley Latest to Accept Foreign Aid
  Housing Starts, Permits Fall Again But Builder Confidence Stabilizes
  Federal Reserve Expected To Adopt New Mortgage Regulations
  FHA Loan Limits Raised By Senate
  House Committee Votes On Mortgage Bankruptcy Bill
  Two Surveys Show Big Rate Moves In Opposite Directions
  Washington Mutual Announces Major Layoffs and Closings
  Rate Freeze Program Faces More Hurdles Than Just A Bad Phone Number
  Up In ARMs - The Mortgage Bailout
  Bush's Subprime Rescue Plan Coincides With Sobering Delinquency Report
  With Cerberus Sale Dead, Option One Will Close Down Originations
  Treasury Secretary Outlines Foreclosure Rescue Plan
  Don't Be Afraid of the Big Bad Housing Market
  Treasury Department May Broker A Deal For Subprime Borrowers
  OFHEO Home Price Index Down For First Time In 13 Years
  New Home Sales Report More Upbeat Than That For Existing Homes
  Mortgage Rates Continue To Inch Down With One Glaring Exception
  Wells Fargo Bank is Latest to Announce Mortgage Woes
  Two New Reports Deepen Housing Gloom
  2008 Conforming Loan Limit Announced By OFHEO
  Senator Schumer Seeks Probe of FHLB Loans to Countrywide
  Citigroup Knocks Builder Stocks and Takes Hit of Their Own
  Realius - Bringing Joy Back To Real Estate?
  GSEs Reported Losses Mean They Are Not the White Knight Some Had Hoped
  Mortgage Rates Steady Among Mixed Economic News
  Housing Starts? Hold the Applause!
  HR 3915 - Getting Warmer
  Housing and Credit Woes Continue to Weigh on Wall Street
  Mortgage Rates Ease for Fourth Straight Week
  Zillow to Nationalize Local Real Estate Advertising
  PMI Insurers May Owe Thanks To Piggy-Back Mortgages
  E-Trade Suffers Subprime Wrath
  Lending Survey Indicates Tightened Standards, Lower Demand
  OFHEO Director Weighs In On Cuomo Probe
  H.R. 3915: a FRANK Discussion
  WaMu Troubles Mount While Fortunes and Stock Tumble
  Mortgage Rates Back To May 2007 Levels
  HR9315 Passes To Full House For Consideration
  HR 3915 Addresses Many Aspects of Predatory and Other Mortgage Lending
  NY Attorney General Files Appraiser Fraud Suit Against First American
  Current State of the Mortgage Market
  Growth Worries Push Mortgage Rates Down
  Apartment Complexes May Benefit From FCC Action Against Cable Contracts
  ONeal is History and Merrill Lynch is Sued
  Subprimes Next Victim: Merrill Lynch CEO
  Credit Counselors and Short Sales May Bail Out Mortgagors
  Subprime Fallout Will Cost U.S. Billions
  Countrywide Mortgage Reports Huge 3rd Quarter Loss
  September New Home Sales Report is Modestly Upbeat
  Freddie Mac and MBA See Mortgage Rates Through Different Lenses
  NAR Releases Existing Home Sales Figures For September
  Real Estate Investors and Agents Decry Short-Sale Process
  Dozens of Our Readers Report From the Housing Front
  SEC Turns Spotlight on Countrywide CEO Mozilo
  Builder Spirits Not Rebounding While Housing Starts, Permints Continue To Slide
  Mortgage Rates Boosted By Solid Jobs Report - Construction Jobs Suffer
  ResCap To Cut 3,000 Jobs
  Treasury Secretary - Housing Decline Significant Risk To Economy
  Three Banks Move To Loosen Credit Markets
  Lenders, Feds Finally Paying Attention to Mortgage Crunch
  NAMB, Harvard Professor Dueling Over Op Ed Column
  Mortgage Rates Generally Ease as Housing Stats Worsen
  MBA Proposals For Mortgage Fraud Legislation
  MBA Advises Against Broadening Fraud Laws
  Merrill Lynch and WaMu Suffer From Subprime Woes
  What Is Happening Out There? Share Your Story.
  Mortgage Rates Move In Different Directions
  August Pending Home Sales Do Not Portend Well For Year End Closings
  Construction Spending Slack Picked Up By Non-Residential Sector
  New Home Sales See Biggest Year Over Year Drop In 37 Years
  Lennar and D.R. Horton Move To Staunch Housing Hemmorage
  ARM Applications Continue To Dwindle While Rates Inched Up
  NAR Report of Existing Home Sales No Surprise To Anyone
  GSEs May Soon Purchase Jumbo Loans But Other Limits Are Not Budging
  Foreclosure Scams Can Be Complex Enough To Fool Most
  Major Homebuilder Runs Successful Weekend Sale
  Housing Starts Hit 12-Year Low; Multi-family to the Rescue
  Another Dramatic Downturn in Mortgage Rates
  FHA Reform Moving Right Along
  Fed Slashes Interest Rates By 50 Basis Points
  Mortgage Fraudsters Finding Ways To Exploit Bubble Bust
  Mortgage Market Disruptions Short-Lived According To NAR
  Countrywide Fundings Fall; Lines Up $12 Billion Credit
  Some Mortgage Rates Move Dramatically, Others Stall
  Schumer Bill Would Lift GSE Portfolio Caps
  Countrywide To Cut As Many As 12000 Jobs
  How Long Will That Furnace Last? NAHB Study Has The Answer
  Delinquency Rates Climb Mainly In Four States
  Mortgage Servicers Encouraged To Help Homeowners
  Long Term Mortgage Rates Continue To Fall
  Bush Plan To Help The Ailing Housing Markets
  Home Price Appreciation Slowing But Has Not Stopped
  Home Builders: Credit Crunch Is Hurting Business
  Mortgage Rates Decline but One Year ARM Rates Go Off the Chart
  Existing Home Sales Essentially Unchanged In July
  PBS and Bloomberg Charges Against Insurance Companies Draw Fire
  New Home Sales Register Improvement Over June
  Countrywide Rating Watch Revised By Fitch
  IndyMac To Resume Prime Jumbo Home Loans
  Countrywide Gets Big Cash Infusion And May Survive Crisis
  Uptick in Mortgage Rates Not a Result of Subprime Problems
  Lehman Brothers Shuts Down BNC Mortgage Cutting 1200 Jobs
  Homeowners Insurance Industry Roasted By PBS, Bloomberg
  Big Players Call On OFHEO to Rethink GSE Decision
  Housing Starts Hit Ten Year Low While Builder Confidence Sets Even A Longer Record
  Countrywide Joins The Mortgage Lending Storm
  Mortgage Rates Increase Despite Job Figures
  Home Buyer Survey Ranks Features That Are Important To Buyers
  Checking Free Credit Reports Is A Good Idea
  GSE Attempts To Help Mortgage Market Squashed
  Are Mortgage Applications Up or Are Applicants Hedging Their Bets?
  Mortgage Payments And Credit Cards - Two Examples Of Creative Thinking
  Pending Home Sales: A Little Good News In A Grim Time
  Mortgage Rates Eased By Weakening Housing Demand
  Alt-A Lender Crashes and Takes Stock Market With It
  New Study Shows Impact of Government Fees On Home Affordability
  Housing News Turns The Stock Market To Mush
  Home Prices Hold Their Own As Existing Home Sales Fall
  Mortgage Rates Virtually Unchanged From Previous Week
  Subprime Mess Continues To Wreak Havoc on the Mortgage Market
  Builders Confidence Hits 26 Year Low as Permits and Starts Fall Again
  Foreclosure Help Is Available
  Mortgage Rates Mixed But Application Volume Remains Steady
  Nobody Understands Buyer Agency - Certainly Not Newsweek
  More Action RE: Subprime Lending and Mortgage Regulation
  NAACP Subprime Discrimination Suit
  Subprime Disaster Continues To Unfold
  Mortgage Rates Move In Opposite Directions on Surveys
  Pros and Cons of the Various Housing Indicators
  Two MBA Surveys Paint Picture of Mortgage Market in 2006
  Federal Agencies Issue Final Guidance On Subprime Mortgages
  American Home Recinds Earnings Guidance In Wake Of Loan Losses
  Mortgage Rates Curbed By Housing Recession
  Home Fire Sprinklers - A Great Idea That Has Not Happened Yet
  Efforts Made To Help Borrowers Avoid Foreclosure
  Mortgage Rates Roll Back From 2007 Highs
  New And Existing Home Sales Continue To Languish
  Subprime Mess Hits Wall Street Again
  State Of The Nations Housing - Harvard Study
  Mortgage Rates Take Biggest Jump In Three Years
  Housing Starts Slip and Builders Still Glum
  MBA Delinquency Data Not As Dire As RealtyTrac Reports
  Credit Piggybacking - What Will They Think Of Next?
  Mortgage Rates Continue Upward Spiral
  Major Real Estate Corp Sees Marketing Possibilities In Virtual World
  Will Subprime Problems Spill Over Into Conventional Markets?
  NAR Forecast Reveals A Wee Bit Of Gloom
  Real Estate Sales Information Not Public In All States
  Alt-A Lender GreenPoint Mortgage Closes Multiple Offices
  Mortgage Rates Climb For Third Straight Week
  Nothing Wrong With Buying A Flip As Long As It Is A Good One
  Home Prices Show Positive Growth But Slowest In Ten Years
  Buying Virtual Real Estate Is Neither Easy Or Cheap
  Mortgage Rates Surge While Applications and Refinancing Weak
  Redfin Forced To Shut Down House Reviews While CBS and NAR Fight On
  Existing Home Sales Were Down 2.6 Percent In April
  New Home Sales Jump In April
  Mortgage Rates Move Up On Inflation Worries
  Virgin Acquires Majority Stake In Family-Centered Mortgage Company
  Home Builder Confidence Is Down And Permitting Appears To Reflect It
  NAR Counterpunches After 60 Minute Segment on Discount Agents
  Second Life Businesses Can Rake In Some Surprising Profits and Participants
  Mortgage Rates Remain Relatively Stable, Again
  Is Virtual Real Estate More Than An Oxymoron?
  One Persons Stigma Could Be Anothers Selling Point
  Freddie Mac Housing Forecast Sees Slow Recovery
  Mortgage Rates and Applications Remain Relatively Flat
  Home Equity Still Being Pulled Despite Soft Housing Market
  NHMC and NAA Sue HUD over Language Requirements
  Drop In Investment Purchases Offsets Vacation Property Sales Gains
  Subprime Market Mess Update
  Mortgage Rates Inch Downward
  GAO To Look At Foreclosure Incidence and Causes After Hearings
  Task Force Takes A Look At Identity Theft
  Existing Home Sales Drop At Fastest Rate In 18 Years
  Mortgage Rates Drop Along With Inflation Fears
  Banking and Housing Giants Testify About Subprime Solutions
  Watters v. Wachoiva - Supreme Court Sides With Feds In Bank Preemption Case
  Redfin Revisited: A Company To Watch
  Job Report Fuels Mortgage Rate Increases Across The Board
  Census and HUD Data Indicates That Builders Are Not Bouncing Back
  Senate Moves To Assist Homeowners On Two Fronts
  Groups Call For Forbearance For Troubled Mortgages
  Housing Recovery May Be Held Back By Oversupply
  Mortgage Rates Remain Quiet
  NAR Chief Economist Upbeat But Points To A Few Possible Problems
  HUD Report Cites Record High Rates Of Discrimination Complaints
  Convenants and Restrictions May Restrict Options For Your Castle
  Mortgage Rates Hold Steady While Applications Fall
  And Still More On The Subprime Fiasco
  Subprime Situation Spurs A Whole Lot Of Talk is Latest Competition for Zillow
  Subprime Situation Stabilizes - For Now
  Mortgage Applications and Rates See Little Change
  February New and Existing Home Sales Take Different Tracks
  Study Assesses Possible Risks and Impacts of Mortgage Resets
  Mortgage Rates Flatten As Does Application Activity
  Housing Market Shaky Not Plummeting
  Apartment Rentals On The Rebound - Firms Warned To Prep For Growth
  MBA Urges Regulatory Restraint as Delinquency and Foreclosures Rise
  Subprime News + Mortgage Delinquency = Bad Day On Wall St.
  Mortgage Rates Kept In Check By Market Jitters
  Housing Weather Forecast For March Calls For Sun and Storms
  Fed Chair Calls For Changes In GSE Portfolios, Public Purpose
  Mortgage Licensing System Embraced By Some Slammed By Others
  Mortgage Rates Drop, Some To Lowest Levels In Serveral Months
  Subprime Lending Takes Center Stage on Wall Street
  Home Prices Still Rising But Rate Of Appreciation Slows
  Existing Home Sales Rise But New Home Sales Take Sizable Hit
  Two Associations of State Regulators Issue Nontraditional Mortgage Lending Guidance
  Mortgage Rates Mostly Lower As Concerns Over Housing Rise
  Subprime Market Standards Tightened By Freddie Mac
  Fannie Mae and HSBC Fallout
  New Mortgage Licensing System May Benefit States, Lenders and Consumers
  Mortgage Rates Resume Climb After One Week Retreat
  Housing Permits and Starts Slide But Builder Confidence Rising
  NAR Releases Year End Existing Home Data - Sunny Side Up
  Homes Of The Future - NAHB Takes A Guess
  Most Mortgage Rates Drift Lower For First Time In 2007
  NAHB Convention Makes News About Green Building, Boomers and Future Homes
  Negative Impact of Housing On Economy Lessens As Inventories Decline
  Home Equity Still Fueling Refinancing
  Mortgage Rates and Application Rates Both Mixed at the End of January
  Florida Tornados and Scientific Reports Bad News For Homeowners
  MBA Urges Regulators To Avoid Invoking Suitability Standards
  Mortgage Rates Are Mixed As Markets Await Direction
  Apartment Group Targets NIMBY Arguments
  An Update on PMI Tax Deductions
  New And Existing Home Sales Continue Retreat From Record Highs
  Mortgage Rates Continue Upward Trend While Applications Slow
  The Truth, Sort Of, About Open Houses
  Permits and Housing Starts Reflect Builder Optimism
  Mortgage Rates Up and MBA Issues Long Term Forecast
  Luxury Home Sales Hold Their Own In Down Housing Market
  Freddie Mac: Three Trends Will Impact Home Market and Financing
  NAR To Launch $40 Million Ad Campaign
  Freddie Mac Releases Results Of Annual ARM Survey
  Mortgage Rates Take A New Year Holiday Moves To Corner A Niche Of The Real Estate Industry
  Green House Exhibit Is An Invitation To Think Twice About The Environment
  Mortgage Rates Move Higher On Consumer Spending and Calendar
  Federal Reserve Issues New CHARM Handbook for Consumers and Lenders
  Is the End of the Housing Bubble Near?
  Realogy Sale Not Necessarily A Done Deal
  Mortgage Rates Drift and Activity Slows During Pre-Holiday Week
  Housing Starts, Permits and Builder Confidence Stabilize In Recent Surveys
  Clarifications About The Zillow Website
  Mortgage Rates And Volume Flatten In Pre-Holiday Market
  Zillow Announces Upgrades To Site As First Birthday Approaches
  Three Ex-Fannie Mae Execs Hit With Massive Civil Charges
  Fannie Mae Plays Catchup With SEC and Sues Its Former Auditor
  Mortgage Rates Remain Low While Applications Reach Recent Highs
  PMI Deduction Buried In The Closing Acts Of Congress
  National Building Museum Is A Change Of Pace In Washington D.C.
  Housing Recovery - Normal Not White Hot Growth
  Unmarried Homeowners Part II
  Mortgage Rates Spur Refinance Market
  Significant Others Need To Think About Their Legal Status When Buying A Home
  New Home Sales Report Issued For October
  Mortgage Rates, Applications Down In Short Holiday Week
  Existing Home Sales Increase Slightly But Median Prices Decline
  Conforming Loan Limits Remain Unchanged
  It Might Seem Like A Commune But Co-housing Is Not A Sixties Idea
  OFHEO Outlines Plans For Declining Conforming Loan Limits
  Mortgage Rates Drop As Inflation Threat Wanes
  Home Prices and Volume Generally Down In Third Quarter
  Anti-Eminent Domain Laws Both Won and Lost on Election Day
  Housing Starts Dive But Builder and Buyer Confidence Are Up
  Real Estate Technology Now Means Blogs
  Mortgage Rates Drift Short Term With Little Change Since Last Year
  NAR Put Big Money On The Table To Support Its Candidates
  Housing Bubble Leak Showing Up In Other Parts Of Economy
  Mortgage Rates Back To November 2005 Levels
  CFA Hits Real Estate Industry On Low Entry Barriers and Lack Of Oversight
  Consumer Group Calls For Regulation of MLS As A Public Utility
  Mortgage Rates Mixed But Freddie Mac Sees Hope In Inventory Declines
  Readers Weigh In On Real Estate Competitiveness and Commissions
  Study Debunks Boomer Urban Migration Myth
  New Home Prices Take a Real Hit But Sales May Be Stabilizing
  MBA Mortgage Rates and Applications
  Mortgage Rates Remain Static - MBA Releases Prime and Subprime Activity Report
  Two New Studies Look at Homebuying Patterns of Older Americans
  Home Sellers Should Remember That They And Their Homes Are Not National Statistics
  Housing Starts and Builder Confidence Show Slight Improvement
  Mortgage Rates Resume Climb After Brief Respite
  Slow and Steady is the Best Way to Clean Up Bad Credit
  Mortgage Rates Stagnant But Refinancing Strong
  October Forecast Sees Housing Finding Solid Ground
  Shipping Container Houses Are Coming
  Mortgage Lender Fraud Increase Seen By Law Enforcement
  Most Mortgage Rates Decline as Mortgage Applications Increase Sharply
  Energy Costs Not Likely To Encourage Green Home Improvements
  Federal Bank Regulators Offer Guidelines For Exotic Mortgage Lending
  Mortgage Rates Down Again - Some Changes Significant
  Housing Bubble Watch: Home Prices Decline For First Time In 11 Years
  Ethnicity Counts When It Comes To Higher-Priced Subprime Loans
  Federal Reserve Report Highlights Lending Concentration and Other Loan Patterns
  Mortgage Rates Resume Slow Decline - Application Volume Increases
  Housing Bubble Watch: New Home Construction Reports
  National Delinquency Study Is Just A Bit Disquieting
  Mortgage Rates Up For First Time In Seven Weeks
  Housing Bubble Watch: Freddie Mac Report Partially Frosty
  Option ARMs At The Center of Rate Shock Fears
  Home Price Increases Seen Slowing In OFHEO Report
  Mortgage Rates Down Nearly 40 Basis Points From Year High
  Candidate For Rate Shock? Some Suggestions, Maybe Some Comfort
  You Might Be Surprised By What Triggers Credit Bureau Actions
  Mortgage Rates Continue Five Week Slide
  House Real Estate Hearings - Prosecution Rests And Defense Steps Up
  Housing Bubble Watch: New and Existing Home Sales Tumble
  Mortgage Rates Reset Shock Is The Latest Worry In Mortgage Markets
  Mortgage Rates Return To April Levels
  Housing Bubble Watch: Housing Permits, Starts, Builder Confidence Fall
  NAR Takes A Lickin From Competitors At Oxley Hearings
  Mortgage Rates Move In Opposite Directions
  Fannie Mae Slips Another Deadline, Freddie Mac Reform and OFHEO Wants Greater Power
  Housing Bubble Watch: Housing Sector No Longer Fueling The Economy
  Oxley Hearings Investigate Real Estate Competitiveness
  Mortgage Rates Down Even Before The Fed Halts Rate Increases
  The Changing Real Estate Market - Oxley Holds Hearings
  Mortgage Rates Continue Up and Down Pattern
  Peer-To-Peer Lending: A Prototype For The Future Of Mortgage Lending
  Housing Bubble Watch: NAR Announces the Return of the Buyers Market
  Mortgage Rates Rise Taking Back Last Weeks Gains
  Texas Murder Raises Concerns For Real Estate Agent Safety
  Single Women Employ Different Strategies In Buying and Financing A Home
  Housing Bubble Watch: Building Stats Slip As Does Builder Confidence
  Single Female Homebuyers - Who, Where and What
  Mortgage Rates Ease While Freddie Mac Thinks Pressure May Be Off
  Single Women Home Buyers Finding A Home Of Their Own
  Study Measures Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax Deduction Benefits
  MLS and Commissions Under Attack Again
  Mortgage Rates Continue To Bounce Around Gently
  Housing Bubble Watch: Freddie Mac Sees Orderly Cooling
  Green Building Is Now A Trend, Maybe One Near A Tipping Point
  Survey Finds Monthly Costs Outweigh Purchase Price of Home Ownership
  Mortgage Rates Diverge On Surveys
  Housing Bubble Watch: Reports Paint Confusing Picture
  Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates Remain Low
  Mortgage Rates Up Substantially On Inflation Fears
  Housing Bubble: Market Secure But Affordability Diminishing
  Older Homes Versus New Homes - The Debate Continues
  Freddie Mac Predicts Mortgage Rate Boredom - It Could Be A Good Thing
  Three Houses And You Are Out
  Housing Bubble Watch: Report Names 71 Metro Areas Significantly Over-Valued
  Hedge Against A Housing Bubble With Housing Futures
  OFHEO Wants Fannie Mae Bonus Money Returned
  Mortgage Rates Softened By Job Growth
  Report Attempts To Soothe Housing Bubble Fears
  Home Prices Still Seen Rising According To Recent Survey
  Inflation Fears Fuel Higher Mortgage Rates
  Will The Housing Bubble Take the Economy With It?
  Sell Now - The End Of The Housing Bubble
  Mortgage Rates Rise and Housing Impact on GDP Lessens
  Fannie Mae To Pay Large Penalty For Accounting Irregularities
  New and Existing Home Sales Point To Contradictory Conclusions
  Mortgage Rates Drift Higher While Applications Down
  Housing Bubble: Fed Chairs Speak As One But Best Sellers Plug a Different View
  Two New Reports Show Housing Exuberance Is Waning
  Housing Bubble No Longer Expanding
  Mortgage Rates Mixed but Activity Levels Up
  The 50 Year Mortgage Is Introduced In California
  May Economic Outlook Report Lowers Expectations
  High Gas Prices May Encourage Transit Oriented Communities
  Freddie Mac Joins Others In Foreclosure Avoidance Program
  Mortgage Rates Continue Uptick While Refinancing At Two Year Low
  Google And Other Search Players Looking At Real Estate Search
  Real Estate Search Engines and Vertical Search
  Mortgage Rates, Applications, Cash Out Refinancing All Up
  Housing Bubble Bust or Soft Landing - March Homes Sales Figures Up
  Mortgage Rates Mixed With Rate Variations Regionally
  What Do High Gas Prices Mean For The Housing Market?
  Freddie Mac Has An Expensive Week
  New Home Construction Declines As Does Homebuilders Optimism
  Mortgage Rates Hit Four and Five Year Highs
  This Old House vs. That New House
  Why Get Renters Insurance? We will Tell You.
  Mortgage Rates Up While Application Volume Drops
  Housing Bubble vs. Housing Market Slowdown
  Answers To Home Sale Tax Questions Easily Available Online
  Mortgage Rates and Applications Tick Up From Last Week
  Websites For The Home With No Homeowners Manual
  If the Housing Bubble Bursts How Will Marketing Change
  Weekly Mortgage Rates and Activity Mostly Lackadaisical
  Housing Bubble Conflicting Data Released
  Second Home Sales Increase Their Share Of Real Estate Market
  Mortgage Rates Drop Slightly But Delinquent Mortgage Payments Rise
  Fannie Mae Feels Fallout From Rudman Report
  Credit Bureaus Roll Out VantageScore Credit Scoring System
  Mortgage Rates Hit Three Year Highs
  Over 100 Bills Limiting Eminent Domain Fill State And Federal Hoppers
  Fannie Mae Saga Continues As Rudman Report Is Issued
  Mortgage Rates Flat in Freddie Mac Report, Up Sharply Per MBA
  What Housing Bubble? Report Shows House Prices Still Soaring
  NAR Issues Existing Home Sales Report For January
  Mortgage Rates Retreat A Bit But So Does Mortgage Activity
  Listen Closely, The Housing Bubble Might Not Be Leaking
  Redfin Lacks Zillow Hype, But May Ultimately Have More Impact
  Zillow May Not Be Ready For Prime Time
  Mortgage Rates Mixed But ARMs Not Much Of A Bargain
  Put To One Test The Zillow Website Performs Well
  Zillow and Other Z Words Are the Rage of the Internet
  Mortgage Rates Flat But Activity Down From 2005 Levels
  Environmental And Asthetical Alternatives Exist To Minimize Hardscape
  Cash Out Refinancing Continued At Near Record Rates At Year End
  Is Evidence Mounting Against A Housing Bubble Bust
  Mortgage Rates Hit Recent Highs But Activity Still Strong
  Fannie Mae Has A Little Good News For A Change
  Building Green Starts With The Land
  Mortgage Rates Resume Upward Climb After Long Holiday Vacation
  NAR Releases Monthly and Annual 2005 Existing Home Sale Numbers
  Mortgage Rates Drift, But Mostly Downward
  Foreclosure Activity Up and Mortgage Defaults To Rise
  New York Housing Bubble and NAR Reports
  Building Green From The Start - The Land and Lot
  Housing Bubble or Slow Deceleration of Housing Market?
  Mortgage Rates Drop And Mortgage Activity Remains Strong
  Building Green, Living Green
  Freddie Macs ARM Survey Notes Increased Lender Discounts
  Mortgage Rates Recover From Holiday Doldrums
  Home Warranties Now Available To All
  Real Estate Hot Buttons Can Impede Your Home Search
  In a See Saw Year Mortgage Rates Finish 2005 Higher
  NAR Parcels Out Some Interesting Stats of Real Estate and Agents
  Existing Home Sales Drop But Prices Continue Climb
  Mortgage Rates and Activity? Holidays Hold Center Stage
  Mortgage Rates, Fees and Points Ease Marginally From Previous Week
  NAR Report Sees Banks as Non-Competitive
  NAR Strikes Back At Anti-Competitive Charges
  Mortgage Rates Continue To Exhibit Split Personality
  Major Economic Forecasts Paint Varied Future For Housing
  Surveys Indicating Mortgage Rates Turning Around Again
  A Bad Inspection Should Not Be The End Of The World (Cont)
  Conventional Loan Limits Increased For Freddie and Fannie
  Mortgage Rates Return To October Levels
  Housing Bubble - Maybe, Maybe Not.
  Home Inspection Reports Should Not Be All Bad News
  Mortgage Rates Drop According To Most Recent Surveys
  What Constitutes A Good Home Inspection?
  No Matter What, Budget For A Home Inspection
  Mortgage Rates Increase Moderately After Last Weeks Big Jump
  Fannie Mae Misses Report Again and Finds More Accounting Problems
  Freddie Mac Sees Continued Bright Future For Housing Market
  Mortgage Rates Take Biggest Jump of Year
  Home Building and Remodeling For Accessability - Part II
  President Bush Tax Panel Recommendations Go To Executive Branch
  Weekly Mortgage Rates Hit New Yearly Highs Again
  Building Or Remodeling Your Home In Light Of The Inevitable or Accidental
  Lopsided House Vote Seeks To Regulate Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
  The 30 Fixed Mortgage Rates Now Firmly Over 6 Percent
  NAR Sees Soft Landing as Housing Bubble Transitions To Expansion
  Home Mortgage Deduction Under Attack By Presidential Panel
  Modular Homes and Prefab Housing Can Save Time and Money
  Are Real Estate Commissions at the Root of NAR Problems?
  Mortgage Rates Top 6 Percent
  Rita Joins Katrina As Topic of Freddie Mac Monthly Reports
  Freddie Mac Anticipates Huge Hurricane Related Losses
  Fixed Mortgage Rates Nudge 6 Percent For First Time Since Spring
  Congress Is Also On The Case - NARs Troubles, Continued
  Manufactured Housing And Homes-In-A-Box are Viable Routes To Home Ownership
  Realtors Under Fire From DOJ, GAO, And That is Just the Beginning
  ARMs Narrow Yield Curve in Latest Mortgage Rates Survey
  So You Want To Build A House
  Mortgage Rates and Home Sales Both Up In Recent Reports
  Read Those Homeowner and Flood Insurance Policies Before It Is Too Late
  HUD and Commerce Say Housing Starts Drop Slightly
  Mortgage Rates Up Across the Board
  So Should You Pay PMI or Take Out a Piggyback Mortgage?
  Freddie Mac and MBA Mortgage Rates Survey Directionless
  Freddie Mac September Outlook - Its All About Katrina
  Time To Review Your Homeowners and Flood Insurance Coverage
  Another Report on Spiraling Housing Prices
  Private Mortgage Insurance - Facts From The Source
  Free Credit Reports For All - But Watch Your Step
  Mortgage Rates Fall For Third Week In A Row
  Greenspan Warns Than Housing Prices Will Simmer Down
  Mortgage Rates Down For Second Week
  Hurricane Katrina Victims Get Relief From Fannie and Freddie
  Mortgage Rates Reverse Previous Six-Week Climb
  Extreme Makeover Home Edition Teams Up With Homes For Our Troops
  Are Mortgage Pre-Approvals All They Are Trumped Up To Be?
  In Trouble With Your Mortgage? Call Your Lender - Now!
  Mortgage Rates Up For Week While Activity Continues To Slow
  Fannie Mae Fails To File Quarterly Report - Again
  Freddie Mac Issues August Economic Outlook Report
  Study Finds Housing Increasingly Unaffordable
  Mortgage Rates Up, Applications Down Last Week
  Piggybacks Arouse Interest - And Concern
  Refinancing May Be Pumping Billions Into Economy
  Mortgage Rates Maintain Upward Climb
  Stop Foreclosure By Confronting It Head-On
  Foreclosure Happens, But There Are Solutions
  Housing Starts, Home Sales Continue at a Record Pace
  Average Mortgage Rates Continue To Rise
  Eminent Domain Ruling Spurs Flurry Of Legislation
  Buying A House To Sell A House
  High End Home Owners Are Driving Home Improvements
  Mortgage Rates - Has The Worm Turned?
  New Study Puts Real Numbers On Mortgage Risk
  Option Mortgage - Intriguing New Product Or Ticking Timb Bomb?
  Mortgage Activity Down Slightly As Mortgage Rates Rise
  Amortization Game - Fun For the Financially Obsessed
  Freddie Mac Report Shows Strong Housing Data
  Mortgage Rates Mixed, But Refinancing Is Not Going Away
  Mortgage Short Sale - An Exit Strategy or an Investment Opportunity?
  Harvard Finds Homes Less Affordable But Housing Bubble Unlikely To Burst
  Mortgage Rates Down But Directionless Overall
  Mortgage Foreclosures and Delinquent Payments Decline
  Supreme Court Upholds Expanded Concept of Eminent Domain
  Bankers and Real Estate Agents Continue Turf Battle
  Mortgage Rates Up Across The Board
  Reverse Mortgage Revisited
  FHA, Freddie Move To Protect Troops From Identity Theft - Foreclosure
  Mortgage Rates Reach 2005 Low
  As Population Ages, Reverse Mortgages May Finally Catch On
  Become A Real Estate Agent During The Housing Boom and Get Rich Quick? Think Again.
  Freddie Mac Issues June Economic Prognostication
  Fannie Mae Authorizes Purchase of 40 Year Mortgage Loans
  Mortgage Rates Mixed But General Trend Still Downward
  Making Money Is Not The Best Reason To Own A House
  Mortgage Servicing Rights: Traded Like Baseball Cards?
  Southern U.S. Now Eligible For Free Credit Reports
  Home Loan Mortgage Rates Continue To Drop
  Home Staging - Still A Relevant Tactic in Lots of Places
  (Correction) - National Association of Realtors Fighting Fires on Several Fronts
  Two Monthly Reports Show No Lag in Home Sales
  Most Mortgage Rates Down Again; Looking Good vs. 2004 Levels
  National Association of Realtors Fighting Fires On Several Fronts
  Greenspan Renews Attack on Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae
  Risk Management Guide For Home Equity Loans Issued By Bank Regulators
  Fannie Mae Misses Another Financial Deadline
  Weekly Mortgage Rates Mixed
  Housing Bubble To Bust? FDIC Certainly Hopes Not
  Construction, Home Sales, Prices - Everything Will Be Up But Mortgage Rates
  Weekly Mortgage Rates Mixed But Mortgage Origination Remains High
  Appraisers Speak Out On Pressure, Fraud, and Reform
  Studies Question Housing Costs, Conditions, Ownership
  Mortgage Rates Decline For Fourth Consecutive Week
  HUD Pushes Mortgage Lenders To Avoid Foreclosure Losses
  Report Suggests Remedies for Appraisal Fraud
  Mortgage Rates Down and Home Sales Up - Who Says Boring Is Bad?
  Think Tank Report Paints Picture of Mortgage Appraisal Fraud
  Appraisal Fraud: A Need To Sort Out The Victims From The Perps?
  Fannie Mae Holds Dividend At Reduced Q1 Rate
  Mortgage Rates Continue Recent Decline
  Housing Starts Take a Tumble According To HUD and US Census Bureau
  Freddie Mac Continues To See A Jolly Good Year For Real Estate
  Time To Talk About Those Free Credit Reports Again
  Mortgage Lender Fraud - Consumers Not the Only Victims
  Affinity Programs: With Some, Charity Begins At Home
  February New Home Sales Still At Historic Highs
  Mortgage Rates Nearing One Year High
  Congressman Oxley Weighs In On Real Estate Industry
  Title Insurance and Homebuilders - An Unholy Alliance?
  Virginia Addresses Eminent Domain
  Fannie Mae Misses Year-End Report Deadline
  Appraisal 101 - How a Appraiser Attaches Home Value
  Residential Mortgage Foreclosure and Delinquent Payments Decline
  Home Appraisal 101 - What is Inside Your Appraisal?
  Real Estate Market - Freddie Mac Housing Outlook
  Limited Service Real Estate Offices (Flat Fee MLS and FSBO Websites) Provoking Backlash
  Second Homes - Vacation Homes and Investment Property Now 1/3 of Market
  Mortgage Phishing - The Grand Art of Hooking a Sucker
  Title Insurance - The Other Insurance On Your Settlement Statement
  Housing Bubble? Home Price Decelaration Noted By OFHEO
  Eminent Domain - Your Home Is Your Castle !
  How Does Your Credit Report Look In The Scheme Of Things?
  Greenspan Asks Again For Limits On Government Sponsored Enterprises Portfolios
  Understanding Your Credit Score - Part 2
  Understanding Your Credit Score
  Survey Shows Record Home Price Apprectiation - But Not Everywhere
  Freddie Mac Chief Economist Releases February Outlook
  Mortgage Study - Americans Will Carry Mortgage Into Golden Years
  Home Purchase Contingencies III
  Clean Up That Offer To Purchase - Part II
  Clean Up That Offer To Purchase
  Home Sales Continue To Climb While Affordability Declines
  Stripping Makes It To The Big Time
  Fannie Mae Slashes Quarterly Dividend
  Fannie Mae Test Drives 40 Year Mortgages
  The Real Estate Agents Bill of Rights
  Two New Housing Initiatives Aimed At Minority Community
  Housing To Have A Splendid Year
  Weekly Freddie Mac Rate Report Adds New Category
  Mortgage Applications Down During Holiday Week
  FHA Raises Mortgage Limits
  Fannie Mae Appoints New Independent Auditor
  Alaska Eliminates Dual Agency
  Freddie Mac Issues Annual Adjustable Rate Mortgage Survey
  Mortgage Rates Rise For Second Straight Week
  Its National Radon Action Month
  Fannie Starts the Long Process of “Digging Out.”
  Don’t Let The Figures Throw You, Look For Trends
  Agent Expectations Part II
  Fannie Mae Continues To Dominate Industry News
  Fannie Mae Scandal Topples Two Execs
  Fannie Mae Advised To Restate Earnings
  What Does A Good Real Estate Agent Do To Earn The Big Bucks ?
  Buying A Condo: Make Sure You Cover All Contingencies
  Buying A Condo Is Not Like Buying A House
  Buyers Now Represented By Agents In A Majority of Real Estate Transactions
  Freddie Issues Monthly Economic Outlook, UCLA Not Sure It Agrees
  Same-House Values Continue Climb
  One Day Old Credit Report Law Is Fueling Fraud
  Fannie Mae Gets Slapped Again
  Fannie Mae Raises Conforming Loan Limit
  Free Credit Report Availabilty Begins Slow National Rollout
  The Hardest Part Of Buying A House Might Be The Forms
  New Home Sales Take An Unexpected Jump Beats Back Ban
  Apparently Oxley Not Just Curious
  Congressional Leader Requests Info On Real Estate Information Technology
  Ohio Is First State To Sue Fannie Mae
  Congress Increases VA Loan Guarantee
  Fannie Mae Misses 10 Q Filing Deadline
  Big Whoops At NBC
  A Good Offense
  Freddie Mac Bumps Up 2004 and 2005 Projections
  Choosing A Real Estate Agent - Top Producer or Hungry Rookie?
  Freddie Mac Notes Increase in Cash Out Refinancing
  Freddie Mac Kicks Off Home Buying Awareness Program
  National Association of Realtors Holds Annual Conference
  Understanding Real Estate Agency - Part Two
  Smart Commute
  And Still More Predatory Lending Practices
  New Home Sales Still Sailing
  Dont Be "Pound Foolish" About Real Estate Commissions
  IRS Finalizes House Sale Regulations
  Another Workforce Housing Initiative
  Greenspan, Freddie Mac Upbeat on Near Future of Real Estate
  Understanding Real Estate Agency - Part One
  Mortgage Fraud Part 3 -Two More Predatory Lender Practices
  More Trouble For Fannie Mae
  Buyers Block
  A New Take On The Company Store
  Not So Smooth A Move
  Mortgage Fraud Part 2 - More Predatory Lending Practices
  Mortgage Fraud and Predatory Lending Practices
  Mortgage Fraud In The News
  Buy A New House or Sell Your Old House First - Chicken Or The Egg ?
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